8 Jul 2011

Bon Voyage - 1

Blessed be My Mystical Stars!

Ever wondered how passion can drive you crazy sometimes? Ever wondered why they say freedom is never so free? Ever wondered why some people are bound to be by your side? Ever wondered how people in love believe that it is the only thing that can keep them alive? I have. And to get an answer to these many questions I am going on a journey. Witness with me the extraordinary journey of a young woman - who learns how beautiful life is. Bon Voyage! :)

The path is rocky but you are moving now. You can never look back again.
"It has never been comfortable for me to talk about love, because I feel like I am like those loose, sleazy women who have too many men around but don’t know what love is. For them, it’s physical attraction, infatuation and just a crush to the core. Oh Wait. I am the sleazy, loose woman. What you call as a prostitute/sex worker/Elite escort. All cheap slangs I say, because sex is divine no matter how you get it. Crass, you say, but my lovelies, it’s true. Your forbidden fantasies are my everyday realities.

But today, I have to think about love because I might be losing out on it for the second time. Surprise! How can I be in love? Isn’t that like wrong for me? 

Yes, it’s totally wrong. How can I fall in love? Do I even know what it is? Half of the men want me because I have a great smile/body and I am mysterious and intriguing. But well, I can’t give them the love coz I’ve only known how men’s brain/body work. Yes, I choose them, give them hopes and leave them. Have I ever been in a relationship? Nah. May be one. But that was the only one.

There was this one man who was a very good friend of mine, yes, mine but like usual he turned out to be a mistake, which I didn’t care to rectify. Why should I? I should and must have full right to love who I want. But anyway this was the first time I lost on the love when I could have done something about it. But now when I think of it, lying here, in the dark hotel room, on a cold bed…I am shivering. I miss him. It’s still hard to believe that we never even kissed. There was this tension, a frightful distance but he never pushed me. The maximum physical contact we ever had was a hug. And it used to be magic! Better than any f*king shit I let my body through everyday. 

I apologize, since your ears must have exploded with my language. Anyway, as I was saying, I might lose on the man I have – I had once fallen in love with. It is him again that I saw tonight here. Here. On the edges of my work area. I was dressed in a Dark Blue pair of jeans with a red overcoat, Plum lipstick and brown glares. My hair was tied in a tight bun and I was holding a Gucci Bag. He wouldn’t have recognized me. But I did. Very well. He was at the tea shop facing me. I was waiting in the shadow for prospective clients. Rich men in big shiny sleek cars, who would beg me if, I want them to, just for one touch. It always is exhilarating to see them stoop down so low. How hypocritical people are. Tch.

It was then that I had seen him – his stubble, a dark green kurta that fit him perfectly, on a pair of dark blue jeans and a sling bag that as I know, will have his pile of papers and a pen – Hero Ink Pen, hanging across his shoulders. My love was a writer. He purchased a cigarette and got lost in its rising smoke. The sight of him brought my heart into my throat. I didn’t want him to see me. Turning around swiftly I clicked away on my nude pumps. Being an elite escort gives you a lot of money. A Lot. I was piled with money and blings from across the world. I was that good. But right now, I want to go back to the time when I had met him first. When we had fallen in love. It was four years ago. And so far I had come. 

I think the click click of my heels had alerted him because I saw him stiffen from my peripheral vision. I started to walk fast into the lane that was the nearest on my way and heard him pursue me. I think he recognized me. I still don’t understand how. He called my name.

“Ira? Ira! Is that you?” 

Shit. I ran with all my strength and got into this hotel. F*ck. 
How did he know it was me? Oh! I will get no business tonight. May be I can check the Manager downstairs. But, what if he has seen me enter. Oh God, I can’t take that risk. I have enough money to go for years. I can wait till the morning. 

Knock Knock. Oh Damn! What if it’s him? Uh, I am being hyper. Slowly I get up and walk to the door and peep into the magic eye. Just the room service. I exhale. 

‘What is it?’ I ask, grumpily. 
‘My apologies Ma’am, but someone has left this note for you. Thank you.’ The bearer boy places a big white sheet of paper in my hands and bows, leaving me standing at the door. 

I know who it is from. It’s him. I am dead sure. I fold the paper neatly and close the door of my room and plunk on my bed. I open the note slowly with shaking hands. It was from him...."

Look for the ensuing part tomorrow! Love shall take hold of you and me, till then. Blessed be!
PS: Image Courtesy: Google Images.


Red Handed said...

Perfect flow of the entire story!
Great words used at perfect spots! Loved it!

maithili said...

sex is divine no matter how you get it. Your forbidden fantasies are my everyday realities.

What more do I say! I just cant take these sentences off my mind! You got into the skin of the character.. Mindblowing work and I m eagerly waiting for the ensuing part!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: Thank you! I loved your comment too...Keep reading, there's more to come :) :D

@Maithili: Haha, I actually did get into the skin of Ira...those two lines came from her frustration and vanity...both merged together! :D Keep Reading, you! :D :D

Priyanka said...

I won't say anything now...
Keep it coming... fast:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: Heyyy, second part is up now sweets! :D Do read! :) :)