7 Jun 2011

Was it Just a Dream?

It is so dark, but the night sky is shimmering with millions of stars. She holds on to the edge of the window while people press up against her to view the distant fire lick its way towards them. She has a feeling what would happen next. She always had feelings but never before was she driven by her intuition like this.

The World is ending as they had predicted, but not in the way she had thought. She is alive and she is leading the mob of people away from the catastrophe. She shouts loudly, "Everyone, the sea water will fill up in here in 30 minutes, get out and move towards the North, before the fire touches this building. GO! NOW!"

"What about you Sarjana?" Someone shouts back.
"I'll be all right. It's you guys who need to survive! Don't waste time now, go." She could feel the salty air fill her nostrils and sees the fire spreading....20 minutes, it will be here. Not enough. She takes a deep breath.

"GET OUT! LEAVE NOW!" She barks out in a drill voice.

People realize that she is serious and start to file up. She dusts her black robe. No she isn't a robe type of person. But that's what she found before she took refuge in this 4 Floored Apartment.  Her parents. She didn't know where they were, but she doesn't have time now to think of where they were, alive or dead. A lot is at stake and she is the responsible one. Why? She is the Chosen One. Bleh! No, she is just another human being who is alive to help other people. 

When almost everyone is out of the building, she turns around to drag her only possession - an old rusted blue trunk. She opens it - it has a Photograph of her Mom, Dad and Brother. Where were they? Few clothes, some stones and two three seeds each of flowers and fruits she loves.

No one believed that the World Ending would mean Shifting of World Order. Every religion, science and philosophy failed, but she knew what she knew was right. It was an Old Belief, which she had read somewhere, that the World was created three times before...all with imperfections...and when the fourth time it was created - Humans were placed in it. But Humans had abused Nature, underestimated it's powers and had tried to control and rape it at every step. Now she was proving that she was more powerful and omnipotent than the mere humans she had created. 

A Fifth World was going to be Born. A World where living beings will attain a new spiritual enlightenment. A World where Supernatural Entity and Emotional Fulfillment would be of supreme importance.

Sarjana forgets in thinking all this that she has to escape too. She swiftly reaches to the door but there is water on the stairs from the broken pipes, rising rapidly. She takes a deep breath and goes inside the room. She opens the window of the room. She takes off her robe. She is wearing a pale white gown inside that bares her arms and back. She finds all the clothes in the room and makes a makeshift rope and dangles. If she falls she'll be dead, but one day they have to die anyway. Why not die doing a stunt? She laughs at her own thought and throws the trunk down and slowly lowers herself on the ground.

The Sea water is almost 50 ft. away from where she is standing and it's surprisingly calm. The fire flame is still huge but doesn't look like it's spreading. She gets out of the tunnel vision and looks around. She can see the silhouette of the people she has asked to go North. 

No, I have to go inside and check once whether everyone is out or not. She takes a deep breath and goes inside. Water rushes out as she opens the other door away from the main entrance. She is sopping wet, drenched in the water flowing steadily from all the sides, but drags the trunk anyway inside and shouts. She is only a girl, what can she do?

You are not just a girl. You are a part of me and I am proud of you. 

She listens to her heart. She has been experiencing such echos for past 5 years but never before did she pay any heed to them. Now she knows better. No one was around. Something hits her leg as she takes a step back and she knows it's a dead body. Without flinching in the darkness, she shifts a bit and takes another route. 

She is out of the apartment. Water is now licking her feet. She doesn't have time to run away. She stands still in the darkness with her face illuminating from the fire. She closes her eyes. A Huge Wave rises suddenly and engulfs her. Water enters her nostrils and ears. Her fingers tighten around her trunk. It was  the only thing that had kept her hoping. 

She coughs violently as her breath escapes and water fills her. 

Nothing, she feels nothing as peace engulfs her in its arms. So nice, so warm. I am not drenched in water anymore. 

Suddenly her eyes flutter open and she finds herself on her bed. What the hell? She wipes her forehead shivering. This was all, just a dream.

PS: The lines about the World Order Shifting and The Creation of the Fifth World are used to show what the Mayans Actually believed. The Mayan Calender believed in division 0f 365 days into 18 Vientens (Vaguely referred to as months) of 20 Days each. Simply put, they had 18 months and 5 days were empty or nameless. In 2012, the cycle of year is ending and according to researches and New Age beliefs, there will be an end to the destroyed and stagnant world, leading way for spiritual growth and mystical era.  

I have refered to Wikipedia for basic idea and other sites for various concepts. Any questions or queries and opinions are welcome. :) Till then, all my beloved friends, keep your mind open, for nothing is impossible in this Mystical Skeptical Universe of ours.

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TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

wow... that was like a movie playing in my head! Awesome post! :)
I hope in the end it turns out to be just that - a dream! I dont want the world to end!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D Heyyy, I thought no one will read this :/ I heart you :):) I know, world will not end, at least not in 2012. :D This was just a story made to understand that even Mayans didn't say that the world will end. :D :D

Red Handed said...

Thank God it was just a dream!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D Yeah, it was a dream :) :) I'd say more like a prophetic vision though :D

maithili said...

this was terrific! was on the edge all the while! thank god it was just a dream! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D :D Thank you!!!!!! Hehe :D I know. :) :) I love the effect it has on you all :P :D

Intensified Aperture (O.o) said...

It was above ma imagination :)...and was really nice.. n who said to u that no one reads ur posts [although they bounce sometimes over ma head n tat makes me not to comment on it :)]

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Intensified Aperture (??): I like that :D Thank you so much!!:D Ah, so you have been reading my posts, huh? :D Thank you!!!

Intensified Aperture (O.o) said...

oye its me Prashant(knp)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I know it's you! Jeez! :P :P There's your photo too! What do u take me for :P :P

Vinati said...

That was one amazing post. I was totally hooked on to it. Thanks for providing information related to the Doomsday. It was something new!!
Well written! :)

Take Care.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vinati: Thank you!! :D Yeah, lot of stuff that is being spouted by the media is just to generate fear and fear always moves the masses :D :D Thanks once again for reading! :) :)

aakash said...

Lol... I knew it would end up as a dream :P
In a practical situation, it won't go that smooth.. people will shove you off, fight among each other, yell and break, that's how we humans are...we take a fucked up situation and screw it further..
btw I am a big time follower of Mayan culture... the world doesn't end in 2012, it's the date when the Long Mayan calender ends, and the sign that rules the life on Earth changes, as it does after a fixed amount of time,... New Age Mayan followers treat it as a beginning of spiritual enlightenment. Infact, some Indian scholars also call it the end of 'Kali age', which means that degeneration ends and rise begins... sounds all positive to me, might affect the fulfillment of your heroic dreams though :P


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D Finally, there's someone who believes in the concept of Kali Age! I am following all the reports on Mayan Civilization! Seriously, it's sad how we humans do not believe in such things! But, well, yeah, my heroic dreams, mystical skeptical dreams, I hope I find a gateway :D :D Thank you for commenting!:D :D

Anoop said...

u believe in al tat huh???? :O
mmm sometimes v dont hav an option but to believe.. mmm.. wil see wats gonna happen... hope world wont end... :) n hey u do a lot of research on topics like these huh??? mmmm.... nice anyway..

pics which u use r really cool.. :) i dono wat do u search for to find these... :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: I don't know if I believe in them, but I have enough evidence to sway either ways :D :D Yeah, I love to research :D Hence the MSM :D :D :):P I am glad you like the pics :D