4 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - Yours' Forever (Concluding Part)

It's never too late for love
"Hello? Sameer...umm, I am leaving tonight at 7. Just wanted to say goodbye. Will you come with me to the Airport? I...just wanted to see you once."


"Hello. This is Sameer. I have stepped out for a bit... please leave the message." The Voicemail makes tears spring up in Kavya's eyes. 

"Stupid Voicemail...go to hell! Like I need you!"

Oh Come on! No self respecting guy would wait after the rejection you staged! Her heart chastizes her.

Whatever! Kavya picks up her bag and hails a taxi to the Airport. She couldn't stop thinking about Sameer. How much time was left for her college anyway? She had got a Placement Offer from the Law Firm where she had interned at. Will it be so bad? 

What was the point in thinking anyway? He had left her....she had tried calling him, but only got numerous voice mails....he could have tried talking to her...but no, like everyother guy, Sameer couldn't take rejection. Volatile Love!

Sameer had switched off his number for Kavya, to let her think that she was in love with him too...and to make her realize this and give her time to think, he had taken this step. He also had a surprise planned for her, for the day when she left Delhi. 

Trust in time can show love the way
Kavya reaches the Airport. She has come to a decision. She will tell her parents about the Job in Delhi and about Sameer. At least she will try talking to them. It will be impossible though, to convince them...they would be heartbroken. Their girl was in love with some guy from a Culture that didn't even remotely matched theirs. But, was it all about Culture? Wasn't happiness important?

Oh God! Life is so freaking complicated. Stupid Guys! 

Uh, it's you Kavya....yeah, it's me. She thought and checked in her luggage. 

Time to board the flight! What was she thinking? That Sameer would come running after her like Jai in Jaane Tu ya Jaane na? What the hell? Such things never happened in real life...she should expect him to forget her and get over the so-called-love.

She took her seat next to the aisle. The flight was about to take off. She spoke to her excited mother and switched off the phone after hopelessly staring at the screen.  

Home! Ah! She walked through the doors and grinned...home! Last month was both mentally and emotionally grueling for her.

She looks around for a cab and notices that no one has come to pick her up! But who cares, she could book one to her place. She calls a cab and waits at the Airport. She informs her parents that she might be late...it was 9:30 already and her heart was beating fast with some unknown feeling. 

Ah! I am just over reacting... Kavya thinks. She starts pacing around.

"Excuse me? Can I help you?"

Kavya's heart stops and million emotions raise goosebumps on her arms. Sameer was here!

"YOU??!!! What are you doing here?" Kavya's voice raises with fear, love and whatnot.
"Oh...just helping a lost girl find her way home..." He Smiles at her.
"You didn't answer my calls or messages! I...I thought you don't need me anymore!" Kavya's voice quivered.
"I was struggling to get a project here...in Cochin and I got it day before yesterday...I wanted to give you surprise and some time to think..." Sameer holds her hand which Kavya holds on to with all her strength.

"Sameer...I...I..." Kavya voice was ditching her.
"Yes? You? Don't want to go home? Come, I'll drop you back." Sameer smiles and starts walking towards his Press marked Mahindra Xylo. 

"You know where I live?" Kavya's eyes were wide..and the word Stalker flitted through her mind, which made her giggle.
"Obviously Not. What do you take me for? Stalker? You are going to tell me where you live." Sameer winks at her and opens the door for her.
"No..uh, nothing." She said.

"So, you were saying?" Sameer asks and notices his bracelet on her wrist.
"I...I love you." She admits finally and Sameer looks at her, with all the love in his heart.
"I love you too Kavya." He says.
"And...I...I want to give this a shot. I want to spend my life with you." Kavya says in a rush.

"Really? But I won't marry you unless you become a lawyer and get a job worth...hmmm whatever the lawyers earn!" Sameer shrugs smiling.

"Okay!" She smiles....Sameer couldn't stop admiring his Beautiful partner sitting besides him...and hoping that this would become the routine for ever.

"What about the Culture differences? You strong enough?" Sameer asks...casually but Kavya doesn't miss the fragile hint of fear.
"My Mother will understand...And she will talk to Dad, Stranger...I promise. I am sure." Kavya says as Sameer turns the SUV on the Highway.
"Sure? I am here anyway for two months." Sameer says.

"Yes...absolutely. I love you Sameer and I don't want to be without you..." Kavya looks up, with tears swimming in her eyes.

Sameer then notices the immense love she has for him...without any defenses up. He slows down at the Signal and kisses her. The most sweetest expression of love.
And this time Kavya doesn't stop...

Love Prevails
PS: The Soul Mates Series ends here and I hope you all like it. Your Appreciation will make me write more. Thanks! :) :)
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Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: This one's especially for you! :) :) You were so sad after the 4th Part...I had to make it happily ever after :D :D

You liked it???? :D

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D I'm so happppppyyy love <3 :D

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a well jotted story!!
keep writing. :)

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Mystical Skeptical Me said...

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:))) i wish every story would turn out like this.. even in real life!!!

You could publish this you know.. like a short story... :)
Awesome ending!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Awwww.....that's such a cute comment :D I so wish that I could publish, but I have no idea :( Yeah! Happy ending...I love them :D :D I couldn't come up with anything else :) :) Thanks for reading!!

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All's well that ends well, I loved it:) What with the monsoons and your seeping romances, I'm starting to yearn for some pink love myself :)

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@Priyanka: :D Why don't you go for it then, Sweets? May be I'll get another story :D :D :) :) Thank Youuuuu so much for reading this...I feel empty now... :) :) Keep Reading coz MSM will come up with the mysteries of universe to be solved! :D :D

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Omg...this is so cute :D :D
Get it published, i say :)

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:D :D I wish I knew how! :| May be some day, when my first book is published ;) :D

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wow this is sooo very cute! Loved reading it! was worth the wait! :)

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@MSM-Specially for me ?? :D..awwww...Girl!! I loveddd it!!!

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@Red Handed: Yes Yes :D Especially For You :) :) Thank youuuu <3 :)

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very well framed!! loved it!! I'm a weird person who loves 'love stories' but doesn't believe in love! I read all the parts in one go..don't like waiting...and yes,when your first book gets published,I'd like to have a signed copy of it :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Deepankar(Gray Sky):Oh Comeon! What's weird in that? I think more than half of us are like that...and you are still young...so don't worry too much about it :D

PS: I will first have to get it published ;) Thanks for reading! :D :D

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Ohh very well then! I thought I was the odd one out...yeah, I'm not worrying about it!! :D and thanks for reminding that I'm still young :D hehe!:D