2 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - The Truth (Part 4)

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Kavya suddenly looks scared. Her eyes are wide with astonishment and fear. Sameer hadn’t intended to scare her. But if he stops now, it would be so obvious that he understood. He wanted to make Kavya realize that he was not a bad guy and that he does not intend to control her physically. He looks into her eyes and bends down…smiling. He wouldn’t imagine breaking her heart. He leans closer and kisses her. 

On her forehead. 
Not everything you think you know, is true

A gasp of surprise escapes Kavya’s throat and he chuckles. Sameer kissed her, on forehead! She was paralyzed. He was really a good guy who knew how to read her. She was bowled over and her heart broke. She had to stop him from loving her.

“Kavya…No, let me finish. Since the day I saw you, I never knew I’d be in love with you so madly. I know I know, online stuff, we can’t trust each other etc. etc. I’d remain a Stranger for you and you’d always be Beautiful for me. And I want it to be that way forever. I don’t want to rush you into anything, but I’ve got you this…”

Sameer takes out the lucky charm bracelet and holds it between his fingers… “Beautiful? Will you take this? Will you….marry me?” Sameer finishes his words in a rush. He feels his heart would burst out.

“Marry you? So…so early? Are you crazy?” Kavya has a shocked expression on her face.
“No, not now…I mean after you are done with your college…obviously.” Sameer smiles, with pain in his eyes. He recognized rejection when he got one. 

“Look Sameer…I love you…” Now it was Sameer’s turn to be surprised.

“Yes, I really do…but we are from two very very different cultures. My parents will not agree at all. My father might as well shoot you. And I may not be able to adjust in your North Indian manners…” Kavya had tears in her eyes.

“I know, but I am ready to fight it all…or to reach to a compromise if they ask me…you have time…you can decide…” Sameer gulped, “whether you want to be with me or not.”

“Sameer…It’s not so easy! You are being impractical…I am a Malyali, you are a Punjabi…do you realize how absurd it is?” Kavya was making far fetched arguments. She knew that Sameer loved her and her origin didn’t matter, but she had to do what she had to.

“I love you…that’s what I know…rest is on you. Come, I’ll drop you back.” Sameer turns on his heels, he knew this would happen. He wanted to scream and knock some sense in her brain…it didn’t matter. He would talk to her parents. He would wait for her till she is ready. He knows now that he cannot love anyone else.

Kavya couldn’t stop the tears flowing from her eyes. Yes, she has to be the mean one, the bitch…but the truth was truth…life was not so simple. She wipes her eyes and follows Sameer. They sit in the car…and he looks at her…

“Will you take the bracelet? Please?” Sameer, her Stranger, so nice, so understanding…will she ever find anyone like him? But she has to be responsible. They were talking about spending a life time together…and she couldn’t risk everything just like that.

Kavya nods at Sameer who looks straight ahead.
“I’ll think about your proposal, Stranger. I promise…”
“I know…you will.” Sameer smiles and turns the car towards her PG.
The song that played on the radio...didn't make the matters easy either.... If you are not the one [Click to Listen]

Love isn't bound by your fears...it's bound by trust...that in the end...it will all be All right.
Kavya is heartbroken by the time she steps into her PG and Sameer wishes that he could turn off the radio...

[PS: Tomorrow will be the end of Soul Mates Series....Will Kavya's and Sameer's life change? Keep Reading :D]


Red Handed said...

HMMMM life is sad....but them its meant to be. I sometimes think this is it! This is HELL and this is HEAVEN!

Loved the post

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: This is not over yet...there is one post more, meant to change everything :D Life will be happier tomorrow... Keep Reading :D :D

bigboy said...

now u have got me hooked on this just might be the best of stories i have come across so far.........cant wait for the finale......

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@bigboy: Heyyy Olaki! :D Thank you So Much for reading!!!!!! :D :D Keep following!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I like how the story is going! :)
I know everyone reading this wants a happy ending and i know you are going to end this on a happy note... but generally i prefer tragic endings(in a realistic way) coz they are the ones that touch ur heart more, and seem more realistic...

ahh but who cares! We have enough sob stories in all our lives anyway! Waiting for the fabulous last part! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Heyyy :D I could have stopped here...you know, the reality is so different from what this is...like all my stories are inspired from the truth... this one also has a tragic ending... :(

But, you are right...we all have too much to sob...and hence, this story and the series will end on a happy note :D :D

What can I say...I am so happy you all are reading this...I heart you all :D :D

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I love you for writing this my Prada <3 Pleaseeeeeeeeeee let there be a happy end, I love happy endings :) *fingers crossed*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:):) Hon! Thanks for reading! :* Your wish Granted! :) :) :D