1 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - The Chasm (Part 3)

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Kavya is in love. She is head over heels for Sameer. And she can’t stop raving about him in her diary. But then, why do her eyes fill up every time, she thinks of telling him the truth? Sameer…He is tall…5’10 compared to her mere 5’4 but she likes it. The awkwardness they feel around each other, it’s still there, still potent…but they are learning. He has black cropped hair and an amazing smile that crinkles his eyes. He is shy, not like those groping possessive lovers. No one can say he is a journalist, but Kavya, she is having a hard time controlling her feelings. She doesn’t want to get hurt. No one can be that perfect.

Doubts and Fears always have killed the Love that is true....
‘Hey, done with wrk? I’m taking u out 4 dinner. R u ok with it? :)’
‘Ummm, I’m ok with it. :) Wat tym?’
‘I’ll pik u up at 7:30?’
‘Sure, I’ll b ready :)’
‘I love u Beautiful. :)’
‘I know. C u at 7:30 :)’

This was the fourth time that Sameer had confessed his love for her, but she hadn’t done it yet. She had a feeling that Sameer was very serious, but she couldn’t be that way. She steps into her office washroom. After running her fingers through her hair and reapplying her kohl and lip gloss, Kavya felt she looks good enough for dinner. Something was telling her that today, something will change.

Sameer had never before fallen in love with someone so deeply. It was like all the clichéd romance novels and stories were written for him. Kavya was so beautiful. She was from Cochin. Cultures Apart. States Apart. But he knew in his heart, he wanted her to be his wife. Today, he will propose to her. He had bought a beautiful bracelet for her that looked like a lucky charm. If she refuses, he didn’t know what he’d do. He understood that she was scared and he wanted to make it all right. 

He sat in his car…luckily his shift was over today, so he had lot of time in his hands. He rolls the sleeves of his navy blue shirt and takes a deep breath. He never believed in online relations, neither she. But he never knew love could happen and it did. 

Patiently, Sameer waits for Kavya who looks so breath taking in her formals. Her hair has become loose from the clutches of the band and she looks tired…but so beautiful to his eyes. Oh God! He loved her. So much! 

‘Hey…’ Sameer notices her blush slightly.
‘Hey yourself. Come in. I am taking you to an Italian Restaurant.’ He smiles at her. Kavya loved everything related to Italy.
“Wow! I am so tired though. Hmm, you look good. No work today?”
Sameer’s heart swells with pride. 
“No, no work. Let’s go.”

Kavya loved the place. Sameer was so good! He made sure that she was comfortable. But, she had to stop him from falling in love with her. She will have to give him a clean break. Kavya understood that this wouldn;t work out and it broke her heart. Oh God! He was so darn serious! Sometimes she felt he would propose her for marriage very soon, but then, she had the habit of thinking too much. 

“Ahem…let’s go out.” Sameer said.
“Yeah.” Kavya replied. She was nervous and there was a restless energy around Sameer that was affecting her too. 
They were standing in the balcony of the restaurant. It was late now. Almost 10. The restaurant was still busy, but at the porch, no one was there. A soft breeze, quite cold, not new for Delhi in the month of November, was playing around them. Kavya shivered involuntarily. 

Sameer was standing close to her. Kavya liked the nearness. She shifted a bit to look at him. Whoa! That gaze was so intense and she knew in that moment, he was going to kiss her. Oh No Oh No…shit. She didn’t want it. No, Sameer would kiss her. Oh No! She gapes. Why? 

Will her dreams shatter?


Anoop said...

wat happened next?? when u gonna post the next part? is he gonna kis her in a restaurant??? :O :D

omg tats like....strange... mmmmmmmm... wil see if kavya agrees... ;) :D

Red Handed said...

ummmm?? why??? why did she withdraw?

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: Hahaha, your OMG! :D Well, let's see if Kavya is right or not! What if RED HANDED is right...that Sameer is an evil-douche'bag? :D Keep Reading! :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: She knew that he loves her so much...and she couldn't reciprocate...she was afraid...that she will be hurt...kiss was not what she was expecting...at least for now... :D Things might be better tomorrow :D :D

PS: I promise you, Sameer is not evil :D

maithili said...

@MSM : This got me engrossed! Don't know why but I understand Kavya.. Sometimes passion gets the better of practical people ! I hope Sameer doesn't make her believe that they can be together forever and then leave her shattered.. :(

P.S This is getting better and better! Will miss reading the last part soon.. I have a surprise for you all when I am back :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: :( Don't be sad...Kavya is alter ego for many girls out there...She is Strong...

And Sameer..he is not going to break her heart...I promise :D :D I am really really happy that you all are liking it... :D Seriously, means a lot.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I can't wait for the surprise. :D Pls make it quick!!!!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

YOU are an awesome writer! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Awwwwww...don't say that :D :D Thank You Thank You :D :D I am a good writer...because of all of you :) :) :)Keep Reading Sweets! :D

Priyanka said...

KISS HIM ALREADY!! And ride off to the sunset!!

Keep going MSM:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: :D Hahaha...I know, Stupid Kavya...okay, no not stupid....but yeah, she is thinking too much :P

Thank You Priyanka :D I am happy that you girls are following the series with such fervour :* You all deserve a happy ending ;) :D