18 Jun 2011


Blessed be my Nocturnal Creatures,

Night always brings out the poetic side of me and once again, it has struck the chords of my heart, just right. Here's another one...a bit dark, laced with veiled pain....straight from the heart!

"My eyes look down upon you,
as the evil grin mars my lips.
Death so sweet of our aged love,
you deserve 'cause my love you lied. 
Oh, don't I know who you are?
Promising the world to me.
I've seen the world ripping my bare back.
 Oh, I don't believe you.
So sugar sweet, your words freeze my heart.
Dried up tears and I've lost my soul. 
Will I ever find my way back home?
No, I've been lost too long.
Superficial, Hypocritical and a Liar I am now,
Can you still see my heart?
The fear of being betrayed, the dread of being unaccepted,
Has outrun me, will outrun me...and my love,
We can never catch up.
Never will I be yours', the Illusioned one, nor can you be mine,
Millions of hearts, oh I will keep breaking and seek the Solitude of my heart,
that this Darkness promises."

I know, a bit dark, but well, who's complaining? ;) Till the next time my lovely voyagers, be on the cruise of life basking in the glory of Mystical Skeptical Intrigues around. Goodnight.

PS: Red Tulip represents Undying Love. Read in the Immortals Series. :)


The Solitary Writer said...

sheer beauty msm .. loved it ..good one :)

Vinati said...

Beautiful....very well written. :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Its fabulous! Loved it :D
Its a bit dark but underneath it.. it also has a kind of sad feel it!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TSW: Thank You! :) :)

@Vinati: :D Thank you! :) :D

@Chandana: :D You got that right! Sadness....hmmm, but :) :) Awww....I am so glad you loved it :D :D <3

Red Handed said...

Lurved it!!!
I like dark poems :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: Yayyy :) I love Dark too :D Well, I guess you know it anyway :) :D

Nikita said...

SO beautiful....Red Tulips represent Undying LOVE...

you write beautifully......lovelieeeee

akanksha said...

Thats awesome! :) Nice Blog!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

hey.. you are mentioned in my blog.. just thought i'd let u know :)

just life said...

What if its dark... Its still beautiful... Words that strike the right chords are never dark... Good one... keep writing...Cheers!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Nikita: First of all, Blessed be for dropping by my blog. :D It means a lot. Thank you! :) :) Yeah, Red Tulips do :D

@Akanksha: Thank you For Stopping by My Dear. Blessed be :) :) :D

@Just Life: Thanks! :D Appreciation keeps us going, doesn't it? :D Keep reading :)

aakash said...

That's my favorite genre,... dark poetry
And I really liked the poem.. may be it could have ended more extreme... anyways! Good going MSM