5 Jun 2011

A New Start - Yeah?

Blessed Be My Readers! :)

You know it's like after finishing the Soul Mates Series Here I feel empty. I don't know if it's because of lack of ideas or pure laziness. Meanwhile two Mystical [read Astronomical - Scientific] phenomenon have planted themselves in my brain.
One: Whether the World will End in 2012? [I know this is crap...I am researching]
Two: Whatever happened to the 13th Astrological Sign called Ophiuchus? :|

I will be writing on these two topics very soon. Do let me know, if there's some mystical puzzle bothering you...like Tarot Cards maybe? :)

I would love to write on them too some day...I need some head start...so that I won't disappoint you my lovely fellas. :D


Priyanka said...

Explain tarot cards if you can, I've never understood and have always wanted to:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Yeah :) :) They intrigue me SO much and every person can interpret them as per their imaginations... :D :D I'll be up with it soon :D

The Solitary Writer said...

Keenly watching your space from sidelines =) will be back here to read the soulmate series :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@The Solitary Writer: :D :D Why Sidelines?? :D :D Oh...please do read the Soulmate Series and let me know what you think...since my writing reminds you of your earlier writing days :D :)) Thanks!!! :)

aakash said...

this place is dark and mysterious
and all dreamy and fantasy and science fiction
ok, i m a follower!


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: Hehe, thank you for following me :D Yeah, dreamy and dark...my mental block is breaking here, I thought men hate such stuff. I apologize for generalization :) :) Following you back!!:D Thanks!