17 Jun 2011

Is This How Change Takes Place??

Blessed Be My Dear Fellas!

Today I am going to deviate from my usual mystical stuff to something more burning, more current in our lives. I am talking about the "Fasting Therapy" that can apparently cure the gazillion bazillion years of corruption that has rooted itself in our country. And guess who is interested in this 'Therapy'. The Saints and Babas who have given up on this materialistic world but cannot give up on the intrigue that politics holds for them. Tsk Tsk. 

Most of you must have grasped the idea about the post. Yes, I am talking about the infamous, please - Ramdev Baba's fasting, hospitalization and discharge, the 'struggle' for nationalizing the black money etcetera. 

Simultaneously, the media woke up to another Yogi, Swami Nigamananda who dies after fasting for 115 days for saving the river Ganga from the effects of illegal mining.* He had started the fast on 19th February 2011 and was admitted to a local hospital in Haridwar, where his condition worsened, but he refused to break his fast. And eventually he died after 115 days on 13th June 2011. His confidantes say that he was poisoned by a Nurse in the hospital, a step taken by the people opposed to his steps. This has snapped the Uttarakhand Government out of the comatose and hopefully, something will be done about the Ganga river. I say hopefully, because our Nation has been surviving only on hope. No, I know progress has been made. Yes, but let us remove the rose colored bi-focal glasses. Hope for better education, hope for better lifestyle, per capita income...everywhere, it is only hope.

Swami Nigamananda - The One Who Died to keep Alive The Ganga

We, as the youth are taught to be unbiased towards an issue. However, if we look into facts of both the 'Fasts' somethings are very striking, very obvious as to how politics plays role in certain situations. I may be wrong but as far as my knowledge goes - Baba Ramdev, being a Yoga, sorry Hath Yoga Guru, fasted for 9 days and was admitted to ICU in the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He broke his fast midst the Congress Party workers.**

Baba Ramdev - The One Who Fasted to Fasten the Black Money back into Indian Economy

So, what is the point I am making here?

Do we really need this? We all get motivated, awed and inspired by the revolutionary leaders. I was all right when Anna Hazare did it. I still do not have problem with the Babas and Yogis doing it. But, my problem is, especially with Baba Ramdev, that he was covered by the lime light and he didn't deny it. He is a Yogi. Meaning that he has sacrificed materialistic pleasures. I understand that it is easy for us to criticize, yes I do. I will not be able to keep a fast for one day, so do I have a right to question what anyone is doing? 

Yes, I do. At least as a citizen of India, and a youth, I care about who has the responsibility of my future and yes, if someone has taken up the responsibility, they have to be ready to take up the consequences. 

Is he ready? Are we ready? Are we still the sheep drifting away with the crowd? Change cannot take place with Fasts. We must be open minded, able to see beyond the veiled promises. We must not be afraid to accept the truth and voice our opinions. It's our country and we have full power to say and do what is best for us. 

So My dear readers, do tell me what you think about this. Keep reading and let your thoughts take hold of you.


Apoyando said...

Exactly! Are we morally strong enough to practice ultimate honesty when this all gets over?
After all, how many times one man would fast until death to correct the deeds of billions..

Red Handed said...


Its not hunger strike for ramdev i guess...it was high society diet...
Nd i dont think that if the entire nation fasts even then the corruption will find its way out..maybe the people fasting are corrupt...lol

Nice post.

aakash said...

I too agree...
There is a stark difference between Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.. and it showed in the kind of support both got. While a large chunk of educated, socially active section of society supported Anna, Baba Ramdev had mostly the rural junta, most of them who are followers of his yoga therapy.
It was also clearly visible that Baba Ramdev, more than the cause itself, was interested in becoming a national hero. What comedy, the mob of so called Sants (saints), requesting him one by one to break his fast on mike on national TV.

It is sad because this makes the main cause weaker. It also weakens the power of peaceful protest, making it more of a popularity stunt. We need a better way out, for sure. Government is too shrewd to be dealt this way.


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Apoyando: Precisely my point! We need to really wake up. Why should we handover our responsibility, our lives to someone, who fasts, becomes popular and joins the Bling?

PS: Thank you for visiting my Blog :):)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@RED HANDED: Precisely dear! I mean look at these people. I restrain myself from criticizing them as it is always easier to spit on someone than to be spat on, but well, these people [I mean, Mr. Ramdev] bring it on themselves. Yes, they are corrupt :P :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: I know, I mean, I always thought that media is/has to be responsible for bringing out this stark difference which we notice...but it's always too late....I was so sad to read about Swami Nigamananda that I had to draw a comparison.

Thank you for your valuable comments :D

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I agree with you! We as responsible citizens of the country have a right to question who gets the footage of the so called responsible media!

Priyanka said...

I think the whole thing was a load of tosh, just a wild publicity stunt and nothing more. And how can he call himself a Yogi (as you rightly say: one who has forgone materialistic pleasures) when he has crores of declared assets?

As for the youth of India, we only know how to complain, we don't actually DO anything. All of us grumble and mumble but how many of us actually lift one finger up to make difference? Too caught up in our own lives, I suppose.

Thought-provoking post MSM:)

p.s: sorry about the rant, I'm kinda pissed of with the human beings, as a race, right now:P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@A Lot Like Fashion: Exactly! And we must do it...sooner or later, it would become a Chimera that will gobble us up...we need to act. Now!

Love. MSM. :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: Awwww, don't worry about the babble, I loved it :) :D Precisely, that's what I said, I can criticize, but when will we, when can we do something? Or will we be asked to shut up and carry on with our lives? Latter,I suppose. :/

Thank you! :D I am out with the Mystical Stuff, any suggestions? ;) :D

Human Race? Detest? I am with you Girl! <3 :D

Prateek said...

Regardless of what is being done for us and what Lokpal bill covers, honesty lies within us.

Nisheeth said...

Indeed a very well written and compiled article. It reminded me of a great hindi quote which says
'Sitam ka had se badh jana tabahi ki nishani hai,
Badalate hain sabhi ke din kahani ye purani hai'...In the same fashion youth of india and the system of india will change :)..

Anonymous said...

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