18 Jun 2011


Blessed be my Nocturnal Creatures,

Night always brings out the poetic side of me and once again, it has struck the chords of my heart, just right. Here's another one...a bit dark, laced with veiled pain....straight from the heart!

"My eyes look down upon you,
as the evil grin mars my lips.
Death so sweet of our aged love,
you deserve 'cause my love you lied. 
Oh, don't I know who you are?
Promising the world to me.
I've seen the world ripping my bare back.
 Oh, I don't believe you.
So sugar sweet, your words freeze my heart.
Dried up tears and I've lost my soul. 
Will I ever find my way back home?
No, I've been lost too long.
Superficial, Hypocritical and a Liar I am now,
Can you still see my heart?
The fear of being betrayed, the dread of being unaccepted,
Has outrun me, will outrun me...and my love,
We can never catch up.
Never will I be yours', the Illusioned one, nor can you be mine,
Millions of hearts, oh I will keep breaking and seek the Solitude of my heart,
that this Darkness promises."

I know, a bit dark, but well, who's complaining? ;) Till the next time my lovely voyagers, be on the cruise of life basking in the glory of Mystical Skeptical Intrigues around. Goodnight.

PS: Red Tulip represents Undying Love. Read in the Immortals Series. :)

17 Jun 2011

Is This How Change Takes Place??

Blessed Be My Dear Fellas!

Today I am going to deviate from my usual mystical stuff to something more burning, more current in our lives. I am talking about the "Fasting Therapy" that can apparently cure the gazillion bazillion years of corruption that has rooted itself in our country. And guess who is interested in this 'Therapy'. The Saints and Babas who have given up on this materialistic world but cannot give up on the intrigue that politics holds for them. Tsk Tsk. 

Most of you must have grasped the idea about the post. Yes, I am talking about the infamous, please - Ramdev Baba's fasting, hospitalization and discharge, the 'struggle' for nationalizing the black money etcetera. 

Simultaneously, the media woke up to another Yogi, Swami Nigamananda who dies after fasting for 115 days for saving the river Ganga from the effects of illegal mining.* He had started the fast on 19th February 2011 and was admitted to a local hospital in Haridwar, where his condition worsened, but he refused to break his fast. And eventually he died after 115 days on 13th June 2011. His confidantes say that he was poisoned by a Nurse in the hospital, a step taken by the people opposed to his steps. This has snapped the Uttarakhand Government out of the comatose and hopefully, something will be done about the Ganga river. I say hopefully, because our Nation has been surviving only on hope. No, I know progress has been made. Yes, but let us remove the rose colored bi-focal glasses. Hope for better education, hope for better lifestyle, per capita income...everywhere, it is only hope.

Swami Nigamananda - The One Who Died to keep Alive The Ganga

We, as the youth are taught to be unbiased towards an issue. However, if we look into facts of both the 'Fasts' somethings are very striking, very obvious as to how politics plays role in certain situations. I may be wrong but as far as my knowledge goes - Baba Ramdev, being a Yoga, sorry Hath Yoga Guru, fasted for 9 days and was admitted to ICU in the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He broke his fast midst the Congress Party workers.**

Baba Ramdev - The One Who Fasted to Fasten the Black Money back into Indian Economy

So, what is the point I am making here?

Do we really need this? We all get motivated, awed and inspired by the revolutionary leaders. I was all right when Anna Hazare did it. I still do not have problem with the Babas and Yogis doing it. But, my problem is, especially with Baba Ramdev, that he was covered by the lime light and he didn't deny it. He is a Yogi. Meaning that he has sacrificed materialistic pleasures. I understand that it is easy for us to criticize, yes I do. I will not be able to keep a fast for one day, so do I have a right to question what anyone is doing? 

Yes, I do. At least as a citizen of India, and a youth, I care about who has the responsibility of my future and yes, if someone has taken up the responsibility, they have to be ready to take up the consequences. 

Is he ready? Are we ready? Are we still the sheep drifting away with the crowd? Change cannot take place with Fasts. We must be open minded, able to see beyond the veiled promises. We must not be afraid to accept the truth and voice our opinions. It's our country and we have full power to say and do what is best for us. 

So My dear readers, do tell me what you think about this. Keep reading and let your thoughts take hold of you.

12 Jun 2011

My Second Award

Blessed be Everyone...espcially Priyanka from Confessions of The Chocolate Obsessed :)

She gave the "Versatile Blogger" Award to me :D I feel so happy! :D Awards and appreciations always keep us motivated and Priyanka, this one means a lot! Thank You!!! :D

And here's the Award!

Thank You!! :) 

10 Jun 2011

A Little Bit Stronger

Blessed Be Everyone!!

This one's for anyone who is feeling low, lost, lonely and loveless :D A Song By Sara Evans called, "A Little bit Stronger." Sometimes <I think All the Times> Music can take your blues away. :D

Hope you all like it. Tell me how it was :) :) Till. then lots of love, hugs and arms around shoulders to keep you all going :D

PS: You can ignore the break up talk she does if you want... :D :D

9 Jun 2011

A Cup Of Tea - A Cup Of Happiness

Blessed me my amazing passengers to the Trip to the Mystic Lands!

Ah! Last night it rained! It was like monsoon came early in this parched, super HOT and dry land :) It was so freaking hot before, I tell you that I didn’t sleep for four consecutive nights. And THAT my friends, is something that has never happened with me before. Even during exams I sleep for 4 hours minimum. :P Okay, so those who know me closely know that I can sleep anywhere at anytime, just give me a pillow and something to cover myself up. But this stupid stupid hot weather had taken away my peace.

Courtesy: Google Images :D ;)
That long lost peace was returned to me yesterday. It was so AMAZING! I know I know I am raving about rains. You know, the BESTest part about rains, HOT STEAMING mug of tea, though I prefer coffee any day but the ginger cardamom tea I make, ah! It’s worth it. I slept at 1 last night and woke up at 7. My mum made hot hot pakodis aka bajjis aka bhajiyaas or anything else you’d like to call them. I had few of those with my LARGE mug of tea.

Yeah, that's my lovely Black Mug which my Bro gifted me :)
It’s miraculous how this concoction works. It helps me in writing too. Give me cups of tea and I can write, write and write. <Grins> You can see the effect of weather on me. I am blabbering. So my Blessed Fellas, I will leave you with this cheery post till the next time. Have fun and don’t forget that even when you are low tea can work wonders…and even when you are high, like I am tripping on the weather, it can calm you down :D

PS: My Dad took the picture and asked me to acknowledge that the way he placed the Mug on my diary, the picture of Globe with a compass underneath means that I am reaching out Globally. Thank you Dad! I heart you! :D

7 Jun 2011

Was it Just a Dream?

It is so dark, but the night sky is shimmering with millions of stars. She holds on to the edge of the window while people press up against her to view the distant fire lick its way towards them. She has a feeling what would happen next. She always had feelings but never before was she driven by her intuition like this.

The World is ending as they had predicted, but not in the way she had thought. She is alive and she is leading the mob of people away from the catastrophe. She shouts loudly, "Everyone, the sea water will fill up in here in 30 minutes, get out and move towards the North, before the fire touches this building. GO! NOW!"

"What about you Sarjana?" Someone shouts back.
"I'll be all right. It's you guys who need to survive! Don't waste time now, go." She could feel the salty air fill her nostrils and sees the fire spreading....20 minutes, it will be here. Not enough. She takes a deep breath.

"GET OUT! LEAVE NOW!" She barks out in a drill voice.

People realize that she is serious and start to file up. She dusts her black robe. No she isn't a robe type of person. But that's what she found before she took refuge in this 4 Floored Apartment.  Her parents. She didn't know where they were, but she doesn't have time now to think of where they were, alive or dead. A lot is at stake and she is the responsible one. Why? She is the Chosen One. Bleh! No, she is just another human being who is alive to help other people. 

When almost everyone is out of the building, she turns around to drag her only possession - an old rusted blue trunk. She opens it - it has a Photograph of her Mom, Dad and Brother. Where were they? Few clothes, some stones and two three seeds each of flowers and fruits she loves.

No one believed that the World Ending would mean Shifting of World Order. Every religion, science and philosophy failed, but she knew what she knew was right. It was an Old Belief, which she had read somewhere, that the World was created three times before...all with imperfections...and when the fourth time it was created - Humans were placed in it. But Humans had abused Nature, underestimated it's powers and had tried to control and rape it at every step. Now she was proving that she was more powerful and omnipotent than the mere humans she had created. 

A Fifth World was going to be Born. A World where living beings will attain a new spiritual enlightenment. A World where Supernatural Entity and Emotional Fulfillment would be of supreme importance.

Sarjana forgets in thinking all this that she has to escape too. She swiftly reaches to the door but there is water on the stairs from the broken pipes, rising rapidly. She takes a deep breath and goes inside the room. She opens the window of the room. She takes off her robe. She is wearing a pale white gown inside that bares her arms and back. She finds all the clothes in the room and makes a makeshift rope and dangles. If she falls she'll be dead, but one day they have to die anyway. Why not die doing a stunt? She laughs at her own thought and throws the trunk down and slowly lowers herself on the ground.

The Sea water is almost 50 ft. away from where she is standing and it's surprisingly calm. The fire flame is still huge but doesn't look like it's spreading. She gets out of the tunnel vision and looks around. She can see the silhouette of the people she has asked to go North. 

No, I have to go inside and check once whether everyone is out or not. She takes a deep breath and goes inside. Water rushes out as she opens the other door away from the main entrance. She is sopping wet, drenched in the water flowing steadily from all the sides, but drags the trunk anyway inside and shouts. She is only a girl, what can she do?

You are not just a girl. You are a part of me and I am proud of you. 

She listens to her heart. She has been experiencing such echos for past 5 years but never before did she pay any heed to them. Now she knows better. No one was around. Something hits her leg as she takes a step back and she knows it's a dead body. Without flinching in the darkness, she shifts a bit and takes another route. 

She is out of the apartment. Water is now licking her feet. She doesn't have time to run away. She stands still in the darkness with her face illuminating from the fire. She closes her eyes. A Huge Wave rises suddenly and engulfs her. Water enters her nostrils and ears. Her fingers tighten around her trunk. It was  the only thing that had kept her hoping. 

She coughs violently as her breath escapes and water fills her. 

Nothing, she feels nothing as peace engulfs her in its arms. So nice, so warm. I am not drenched in water anymore. 

Suddenly her eyes flutter open and she finds herself on her bed. What the hell? She wipes her forehead shivering. This was all, just a dream.

PS: The lines about the World Order Shifting and The Creation of the Fifth World are used to show what the Mayans Actually believed. The Mayan Calender believed in division 0f 365 days into 18 Vientens (Vaguely referred to as months) of 20 Days each. Simply put, they had 18 months and 5 days were empty or nameless. In 2012, the cycle of year is ending and according to researches and New Age beliefs, there will be an end to the destroyed and stagnant world, leading way for spiritual growth and mystical era.  

I have refered to Wikipedia for basic idea and other sites for various concepts. Any questions or queries and opinions are welcome. :) Till then, all my beloved friends, keep your mind open, for nothing is impossible in this Mystical Skeptical Universe of ours.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

5 Jun 2011

A New Start - Yeah?

Blessed Be My Readers! :)

You know it's like after finishing the Soul Mates Series Here I feel empty. I don't know if it's because of lack of ideas or pure laziness. Meanwhile two Mystical [read Astronomical - Scientific] phenomenon have planted themselves in my brain.
One: Whether the World will End in 2012? [I know this is crap...I am researching]
Two: Whatever happened to the 13th Astrological Sign called Ophiuchus? :|

I will be writing on these two topics very soon. Do let me know, if there's some mystical puzzle bothering you...like Tarot Cards maybe? :)

I would love to write on them too some day...I need some head start...so that I won't disappoint you my lovely fellas. :D

4 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - Yours' Forever (Concluding Part)

It's never too late for love
"Hello? Sameer...umm, I am leaving tonight at 7. Just wanted to say goodbye. Will you come with me to the Airport? I...just wanted to see you once."


"Hello. This is Sameer. I have stepped out for a bit... please leave the message." The Voicemail makes tears spring up in Kavya's eyes. 

"Stupid Voicemail...go to hell! Like I need you!"

Oh Come on! No self respecting guy would wait after the rejection you staged! Her heart chastizes her.

Whatever! Kavya picks up her bag and hails a taxi to the Airport. She couldn't stop thinking about Sameer. How much time was left for her college anyway? She had got a Placement Offer from the Law Firm where she had interned at. Will it be so bad? 

What was the point in thinking anyway? He had left her....she had tried calling him, but only got numerous voice mails....he could have tried talking to her...but no, like everyother guy, Sameer couldn't take rejection. Volatile Love!

Sameer had switched off his number for Kavya, to let her think that she was in love with him too...and to make her realize this and give her time to think, he had taken this step. He also had a surprise planned for her, for the day when she left Delhi. 

Trust in time can show love the way
Kavya reaches the Airport. She has come to a decision. She will tell her parents about the Job in Delhi and about Sameer. At least she will try talking to them. It will be impossible though, to convince them...they would be heartbroken. Their girl was in love with some guy from a Culture that didn't even remotely matched theirs. But, was it all about Culture? Wasn't happiness important?

Oh God! Life is so freaking complicated. Stupid Guys! 

Uh, it's you Kavya....yeah, it's me. She thought and checked in her luggage. 

Time to board the flight! What was she thinking? That Sameer would come running after her like Jai in Jaane Tu ya Jaane na? What the hell? Such things never happened in real life...she should expect him to forget her and get over the so-called-love.

She took her seat next to the aisle. The flight was about to take off. She spoke to her excited mother and switched off the phone after hopelessly staring at the screen.  

Home! Ah! She walked through the doors and grinned...home! Last month was both mentally and emotionally grueling for her.

She looks around for a cab and notices that no one has come to pick her up! But who cares, she could book one to her place. She calls a cab and waits at the Airport. She informs her parents that she might be late...it was 9:30 already and her heart was beating fast with some unknown feeling. 

Ah! I am just over reacting... Kavya thinks. She starts pacing around.

"Excuse me? Can I help you?"

Kavya's heart stops and million emotions raise goosebumps on her arms. Sameer was here!

"YOU??!!! What are you doing here?" Kavya's voice raises with fear, love and whatnot.
"Oh...just helping a lost girl find her way home..." He Smiles at her.
"You didn't answer my calls or messages! I...I thought you don't need me anymore!" Kavya's voice quivered.
"I was struggling to get a project here...in Cochin and I got it day before yesterday...I wanted to give you surprise and some time to think..." Sameer holds her hand which Kavya holds on to with all her strength.

"Sameer...I...I..." Kavya voice was ditching her.
"Yes? You? Don't want to go home? Come, I'll drop you back." Sameer smiles and starts walking towards his Press marked Mahindra Xylo. 

"You know where I live?" Kavya's eyes were wide..and the word Stalker flitted through her mind, which made her giggle.
"Obviously Not. What do you take me for? Stalker? You are going to tell me where you live." Sameer winks at her and opens the door for her.
"No..uh, nothing." She said.

"So, you were saying?" Sameer asks and notices his bracelet on her wrist.
"I...I love you." She admits finally and Sameer looks at her, with all the love in his heart.
"I love you too Kavya." He says.
"And...I...I want to give this a shot. I want to spend my life with you." Kavya says in a rush.

"Really? But I won't marry you unless you become a lawyer and get a job worth...hmmm whatever the lawyers earn!" Sameer shrugs smiling.

"Okay!" She smiles....Sameer couldn't stop admiring his Beautiful partner sitting besides him...and hoping that this would become the routine for ever.

"What about the Culture differences? You strong enough?" Sameer asks...casually but Kavya doesn't miss the fragile hint of fear.
"My Mother will understand...And she will talk to Dad, Stranger...I promise. I am sure." Kavya says as Sameer turns the SUV on the Highway.
"Sure? I am here anyway for two months." Sameer says.

"Yes...absolutely. I love you Sameer and I don't want to be without you..." Kavya looks up, with tears swimming in her eyes.

Sameer then notices the immense love she has for him...without any defenses up. He slows down at the Signal and kisses her. The most sweetest expression of love.
And this time Kavya doesn't stop...

Love Prevails
PS: The Soul Mates Series ends here and I hope you all like it. Your Appreciation will make me write more. Thanks! :) :)
Image Courtesy: Google Images.

2 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - The Truth (Part 4)

Read Part 3 Here

Kavya suddenly looks scared. Her eyes are wide with astonishment and fear. Sameer hadn’t intended to scare her. But if he stops now, it would be so obvious that he understood. He wanted to make Kavya realize that he was not a bad guy and that he does not intend to control her physically. He looks into her eyes and bends down…smiling. He wouldn’t imagine breaking her heart. He leans closer and kisses her. 

On her forehead. 
Not everything you think you know, is true

A gasp of surprise escapes Kavya’s throat and he chuckles. Sameer kissed her, on forehead! She was paralyzed. He was really a good guy who knew how to read her. She was bowled over and her heart broke. She had to stop him from loving her.

“Kavya…No, let me finish. Since the day I saw you, I never knew I’d be in love with you so madly. I know I know, online stuff, we can’t trust each other etc. etc. I’d remain a Stranger for you and you’d always be Beautiful for me. And I want it to be that way forever. I don’t want to rush you into anything, but I’ve got you this…”

Sameer takes out the lucky charm bracelet and holds it between his fingers… “Beautiful? Will you take this? Will you….marry me?” Sameer finishes his words in a rush. He feels his heart would burst out.

“Marry you? So…so early? Are you crazy?” Kavya has a shocked expression on her face.
“No, not now…I mean after you are done with your college…obviously.” Sameer smiles, with pain in his eyes. He recognized rejection when he got one. 

“Look Sameer…I love you…” Now it was Sameer’s turn to be surprised.

“Yes, I really do…but we are from two very very different cultures. My parents will not agree at all. My father might as well shoot you. And I may not be able to adjust in your North Indian manners…” Kavya had tears in her eyes.

“I know, but I am ready to fight it all…or to reach to a compromise if they ask me…you have time…you can decide…” Sameer gulped, “whether you want to be with me or not.”

“Sameer…It’s not so easy! You are being impractical…I am a Malyali, you are a Punjabi…do you realize how absurd it is?” Kavya was making far fetched arguments. She knew that Sameer loved her and her origin didn’t matter, but she had to do what she had to.

“I love you…that’s what I know…rest is on you. Come, I’ll drop you back.” Sameer turns on his heels, he knew this would happen. He wanted to scream and knock some sense in her brain…it didn’t matter. He would talk to her parents. He would wait for her till she is ready. He knows now that he cannot love anyone else.

Kavya couldn’t stop the tears flowing from her eyes. Yes, she has to be the mean one, the bitch…but the truth was truth…life was not so simple. She wipes her eyes and follows Sameer. They sit in the car…and he looks at her…

“Will you take the bracelet? Please?” Sameer, her Stranger, so nice, so understanding…will she ever find anyone like him? But she has to be responsible. They were talking about spending a life time together…and she couldn’t risk everything just like that.

Kavya nods at Sameer who looks straight ahead.
“I’ll think about your proposal, Stranger. I promise…”
“I know…you will.” Sameer smiles and turns the car towards her PG.
The song that played on the radio...didn't make the matters easy either.... If you are not the one [Click to Listen]

Love isn't bound by your fears...it's bound by trust...that in the end...it will all be All right.
Kavya is heartbroken by the time she steps into her PG and Sameer wishes that he could turn off the radio...

[PS: Tomorrow will be the end of Soul Mates Series....Will Kavya's and Sameer's life change? Keep Reading :D]

1 Jun 2011

Soul Mates - The Chasm (Part 3)

Read Part 2 Here

Kavya is in love. She is head over heels for Sameer. And she can’t stop raving about him in her diary. But then, why do her eyes fill up every time, she thinks of telling him the truth? Sameer…He is tall…5’10 compared to her mere 5’4 but she likes it. The awkwardness they feel around each other, it’s still there, still potent…but they are learning. He has black cropped hair and an amazing smile that crinkles his eyes. He is shy, not like those groping possessive lovers. No one can say he is a journalist, but Kavya, she is having a hard time controlling her feelings. She doesn’t want to get hurt. No one can be that perfect.

Doubts and Fears always have killed the Love that is true....
‘Hey, done with wrk? I’m taking u out 4 dinner. R u ok with it? :)’
‘Ummm, I’m ok with it. :) Wat tym?’
‘I’ll pik u up at 7:30?’
‘Sure, I’ll b ready :)’
‘I love u Beautiful. :)’
‘I know. C u at 7:30 :)’

This was the fourth time that Sameer had confessed his love for her, but she hadn’t done it yet. She had a feeling that Sameer was very serious, but she couldn’t be that way. She steps into her office washroom. After running her fingers through her hair and reapplying her kohl and lip gloss, Kavya felt she looks good enough for dinner. Something was telling her that today, something will change.

Sameer had never before fallen in love with someone so deeply. It was like all the clich├ęd romance novels and stories were written for him. Kavya was so beautiful. She was from Cochin. Cultures Apart. States Apart. But he knew in his heart, he wanted her to be his wife. Today, he will propose to her. He had bought a beautiful bracelet for her that looked like a lucky charm. If she refuses, he didn’t know what he’d do. He understood that she was scared and he wanted to make it all right. 

He sat in his car…luckily his shift was over today, so he had lot of time in his hands. He rolls the sleeves of his navy blue shirt and takes a deep breath. He never believed in online relations, neither she. But he never knew love could happen and it did. 

Patiently, Sameer waits for Kavya who looks so breath taking in her formals. Her hair has become loose from the clutches of the band and she looks tired…but so beautiful to his eyes. Oh God! He loved her. So much! 

‘Hey…’ Sameer notices her blush slightly.
‘Hey yourself. Come in. I am taking you to an Italian Restaurant.’ He smiles at her. Kavya loved everything related to Italy.
“Wow! I am so tired though. Hmm, you look good. No work today?”
Sameer’s heart swells with pride. 
“No, no work. Let’s go.”

Kavya loved the place. Sameer was so good! He made sure that she was comfortable. But, she had to stop him from falling in love with her. She will have to give him a clean break. Kavya understood that this wouldn;t work out and it broke her heart. Oh God! He was so darn serious! Sometimes she felt he would propose her for marriage very soon, but then, she had the habit of thinking too much. 

“Ahem…let’s go out.” Sameer said.
“Yeah.” Kavya replied. She was nervous and there was a restless energy around Sameer that was affecting her too. 
They were standing in the balcony of the restaurant. It was late now. Almost 10. The restaurant was still busy, but at the porch, no one was there. A soft breeze, quite cold, not new for Delhi in the month of November, was playing around them. Kavya shivered involuntarily. 

Sameer was standing close to her. Kavya liked the nearness. She shifted a bit to look at him. Whoa! That gaze was so intense and she knew in that moment, he was going to kiss her. Oh No Oh No…shit. She didn’t want it. No, Sameer would kiss her. Oh No! She gapes. Why? 

Will her dreams shatter?