30 May 2011

Soul Mates - The Meeting (Part1)

Blessed Be My Amazing Readers!

Thanks to Maithili from One Such Story, I am inspired to write one story of my own, based on real life inspirations.

A New Beginning 
"Amma, I'm going. Please, I have to!"
"Why Kavya? Delhi is so far! How will you manage alone?"
"Amma! I am 22! I can take care of myself.!"
"I know dear...it's not about that! You have never stepped out of Cochin and ... North India, I do not trust the safety in that place."
"Amma, no where is safe...and you know that! I have to go to Delhi for the final internship. It cannot happen anywhere else! Please Amma, talk to Appa no, please please!" Kavya hugs her mother tightly and gives her a puppy-dog-eyed look.

Kavya's mother looks at her and Kavya knew she had won!

"Oh Amma! I love you! Thank you!"

There was another reason why she wanted to go to Delhi. He was the reason. Her Stranger. They had met in an online forum where he had supported her in a debate. They had started to talk through such meetings and had gotten to know each other over the course of such conversations in two months. They had gotten close but she was very skeptical. She did not trust Strangers (In this case,  literally). And this was not LoveNet we were talking about. This was real life and before doing anything serious, she wanted to meet him face to face :)

They loved talking to each other and both had discussed about their fears, of not meeting and getting closer. Both understood, Kavya and her Stranger that meeting would be the final step into their relationship. And so, after 2 weeks, Kavya has decided to meet Sameer the Stranger, the guy who had given her dreams, whom she had made believe that as love grows, beauty does too, for love is the beauty of soul. Oh God! How much was she thinking? Kavya smacks herself on her forehead. Loving without seeing would just mean that she is a creep. She hadn't even told her best friends about it. They would think she is weird. Therefore, she had  to see him, to know that he exists.

Trrriing. Her message tone chimes in. Sameer's message.

'Hey Beautiful!:) So ur parents hv allowed u 4 an internship here?'
'Yessss Stranger! They hv!Oh God! I'm so excited!' Kavya immediately texts back.
'Wow! R u serious? :D'
'Of course! I'm cming der in 2 weeks for 4 weeks!:)'
'Wow!I can't blieve Beautiful! I'm so so so excited 2 c u!:O :D'
'Me too :D'
'C u soon! Gtg Beautiful! Bbye' :D
'Yep, c u soon Stranger. :D'

Kavya was done with her packing and now just had to board the flight at 7:30 PM. Today she was leaving for Delhi. She couldn't contain her nervousness when she stood in the crowded Airport. As the announcement was made for the Delhi bound passengers, Kavya touched her parents feet and secretly hoped that their blessings worked both for her internship and the much awaited meeting.
She waved a final goodbye to her parents and sent a quick text to Sameer.

'C u in 3 hrs. I mean 2morrow ;) Bbye Stranger :D'
'Can't w8 Beautiful, u surely vl keep me up 2nite :P ;)'
'Very Funny! :P Bbye.'

As Kavya landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, she couldn't shirk away the uneasy feeling settling  in her stomach. She was acting on a whim. This whole idea was stupid. She thought she'd let Sameer know that she had landed, but dropped the idea. As she hailed a taxi for her friend's PG, her phone alerted of her parents' call. She answered them and as she hung up, she saw Sameer's message.

'Hey, did you reach? I'm worried. Msg me wen u reach:)'
'I did. Vry Tired. Vl text 2morrow. Gn Stranger :)'
'Hmmm, I guess u r. :)Gn Beautiful. Tk Cr. :D'

Kavya leaned on the window pane and closed her eyes. She didn't know what to do. Apparently they were in  love, but she was suddenly very frightened. What will people think? What if she does anything wrong? Kavya drifted away in her thoughts and waited to reach to the PG.


maithili said...

wow super excited to read the next part!!! This really was awesome.. Waiting for the stranger and beautiful to meet :) Thanks for the credit dear..

Vinati said...

it seems to be a nice story. Would love to read the whole series!! Do post rest of the parts, SOON! :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Nice :) when is part-2 coming?

Red Handed said...

Grrrr! Complete the story fast!! You are making me follow you. :P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thank You!:D Very Very soon....Sooner than you would realize :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: Please Please Follow me and inspire to write quick quick :D Second Part is coming soon :D :D I am following you :) :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vinati: :D Thank You so much! :D Yes Yes, it's coming out soon :D

Anoop said...

hey..they met thru an online forum? wow.. nice.. but y does she cal him stranger? i mean.. she doesnt know him yet?

n he cals her beautiful?? hmmmmm wow..beautiful thinkin...
how many parts r thr for this story??? :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: So many Questions! :P Wait, I'll answer them in order :D

1) She calls him Stranger, coz never before she did trust Strangers...and this one guy is different...more over Sameer hates his name, I wonder why?

2) She knows him, yes, they both know each other, but calling each other by some name that brought them closer, makes sense... :D

3)Kavya is beautiful with large eyes and a dusky complexion...I won't say sizzling bomb...but she can set hearts racing...

Keep Reading :D :D :D

anant verma said...

nice post..wating for next part to come and that too soon, hoping for quite a twist and want to feel different emotions that will flow in..keep it up

The Solitary Writer said...

beautiful churned .... so Kavya is just another outgoing girl who believes in online relationship...lets wait and see what happens in next part

A Lot Like Fashion said...

OMG! This is exciting! :) I'm so glad you decided to take the plunge and write short stories :*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@A Lot Like Fashion: Thank Youuuu! <3 :* :D :D Do read till the end...it's gonna be good :D :D :) :)