31 May 2011

Soul Mates - The Conflict (Part 2)

'Hey Beautiful! :) Hope U R Settled well. Gdmorning n hv a nice day:)!'

Ugh! Kavya groans, yawning and opens her left eye to see Stranger's message. She flips her phone and goes back to sleep. Her internship will be starting in two days, so she is free for now. 

The whole purpose, but, was to see him. Then why is she avoiding him suddenly? Is she giving up? Is she backing out? No, she can face him. She has to, for once, not give into the fear of heartbreak. If anything goes wrong, she can face it.

Why is she thinking so much? Ah, she was being a typical girl. 

'Gdmorning Stranger! Wen r u up 4 a meeting? :) Lemme knw.'

Kavya gets up for freshening up. After 25 minutes, she checks her cell phone, calls her parents and steps out. She doesn't read Sameer's message and goes out with her friend to taste the delicacies of Street Food for which Delhi is famous. After an hour or so, Kavya sits with a cone of ice cream and checks the message.

‘2day at 5? In front of Big Chill? :)'
‘Hmm, okay? U sure u wanna c me Stranger?’

Kavya couldn't hide her fear anymore. This is like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. Okay, she is definitely losing it. She is just petrified. Her message tone brings her back to the world…

‘I’m absolutely sure…Beautiful! Even if u look like a scary monster, I’d still love u. :D’

Her heart skips a beat. 

‘Hmm, c u at 5 then. Bbye.’

She finishes her ice cream and keeps talking to her friend. They return to the PG. She glances at her watch. 4 PM. Her heart starts to beat faster. The time was here. She channels all her energy and nervousness into getting ready. She chooses a red short kurti over a pair of dark blue jeans, lets her hair fall on her shoulders…lines her big-doe-eyes with kohl and puts strawberry gloss on her lips. She smiles at her own reflection. She is beautiful. 

How would he be? With a spray of perfume, she steps into her red pumps. Too daring! She knows it but likes the confidence that surges through her.

Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Big Chill CafĂ© 

Kavya goes in but doesn’t have any appetite. How will she recognize him? Has she seen his pictures enough? What will she do? The Waiter brings her Chocolate Mocha as she waits with her heart hitting her ribs hard.

“Kavya?” A familiar voice shakes her out of her trance. She takes  10 whole seconds to look up. And what she sees breaks her heart 1000 times over and over with joy. Sameer stands before her…She forgets to smile and just stares, stares and stares. 

The Choice has been made

“Can I sit, Beautiful?” Sameer asks, with her admiration mirroring in his eyes. Kavya nods and forgets why she was frightened.

And the Step into the Future has been Taken

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TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Yay! They met! :D is part-3 also coming or is this the end?

maithili said...

this is making me want more more more of this story!I will not be at peace till I complete this story!! You are a natural at this one I say!! LEft it again at a nervous point!! Make the next part soon! When I m back I want to sit back and read the whole story! :)

P.S :I m loving this Sameer guy!! "Even if u look like a scary monster, I’d still love u. " ooooooooooooo sooo romantic :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlFirstAvenue: Heheh, yes, they met....but this is not the end ;) There's a lot to come...and all interesting stuff :D Keep Reading :* !

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: And your wants make *me* want to write more... :D Yeah, Nervous strings make me feel into the situation... :D Which is romantic...errr, I am blabbering :P

I love Sameer too, he'd be like the guy...hmmm, no, not opening the suspense here ;)

Priyanka said...

He's going to turn out to be an evil douche-bag, isn't he?? Or is he actually that perfect?

Ooooh, I like this=) Keep going, can't wait!!

Red Handed said...

next next next next...wat happens next

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: :D I was planning to do that....but then, I think I am in love with Sameer....I don't know if I put an evil streak. :P :D Keep Reading :) :)

Anoop said...

omg...u came up with the next part so soon?? wow...

n hey u r in love with sameer or kavya is in love with sameer??? :P ;) anyway nice goin.... n hey.. u told how kavya looks... but not sameer.. y is tat??? :O :P

when is the next post comin??? omg... see RED's comment...... next next next...wat happens next??? :P

priyanka's comment cant b ignored too.... wat if he is an evil??? ;) :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: Hahaha, yes yes...Next is coming up soon :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: I am creating Sameer, so naturally I have to be in love with him, but seeing the competition here :P I will let the girls decide. :D

Sameer is left to the imagination of the readers....coz it's evident in the eyes of Kavya what she feels... :D But, yes, Kavya will tell how she thinks Sameer is :D

Well, if he's evil, Kavya can kick his Arse! :P :P :D

anant verma said...

nice one...but i feel something is missing may be more detail,suspense and depth..esp. when sameer enters and that PG friend..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anant: That's why there are parts, to get you thinking ;) :D PG Friend is irrelevant :D Will define Sameer more in next posts....Thanks For Following :D :D

The Solitary Writer said...

ahh this is building up the curiousity...as a writer i see me in you...especially my younger days of writing and at every point you never cease to leave ur readers smile.This is going good and i am sure Kavya is surprised and happy to see Sameer .Why not Sameer is a Delhi guy...just hoping that Sameer never messes up with her.I somehow feel that you are going to potray sameer as a genteel figure... waiting for the next part... you and Maithili actually provoke me to write a story too...something is running in my mind ...check my blog very soon :D :P

The Solitary Writer said...

following you in blogger :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@The Solitary Writer: Hehe. Thank you! Hmmm, your guesses are bull's eye, should I not follow them then? :P No, Sameer won't mess up, but you never know... :D I am following you too...Thanks for your comment :D :D