27 May 2011

Back from the Scratch - Love Prevails

Blessed Be Everyone!

My heart was longing for all you amazing people out there :D

My University Exams just got over today and my brain is literally fried with all the laws we had to do this Semester... :| :D But I am enjoying coming back to my Blog! And all the lovely posts. I especially love this one Blog, which I cannot start my day without. I am giving out the link here, do check it out. It's by Maithili and she is a mind blowing writer :D I just love to read her posts! :D

Coming on to Mystical Skeptical Me (Yes, I'm vain :P) I thought, since it's late night and rain's pouring and I can hear distant thunders, how can I not spin a little web of words? So here's a little piece for you...

"In the mist, a leaf rolls down,
Spiraling down on the earth,
Separated from the life but alive with beautiful past.
The drop from an open eye, falls down to meet the fallen one,
Hand in hand, they mourn the death of their love,
But together they are now, each for the other one,
Knowing that the end was inevitable,
Knowing that love was only in dreams,
They had betrayed the course of time,
And fallen in love with someone divine.
The crumbling leaf reminisced the touch of the breeze,
And the tear drop, missed the touch of it's lover,
Had they torn their souls apart?
No, said the leaf to the pearl drop,
For love heals the shattered souls,
And we are the one's to be healed,
Bled and killed, but never giving up instead,
Today we lie in the silent testimony,
That our love shall never die...
Cause we are here now, and we did try,
For someday, you shall find your eye and I shall find my high."

Courtesy: Google Images

Till the next post, my lovely readers, keep believing in love and the likes, for the life is too short to mourn for what you can't have than to celebrate what you have. Blessed Be!


maithili said...

wow..beautiful poetry! I just felt it so calm and soothing.. Very calming flow of words... very well written! Thanks for mentioning me :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: Thank You! :D Couldn't do it without mentioning you, you are worth it! :D :D

Anoop said...

nice poem...n yea one such story is a nice blog with lot of stories......... :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop::D Yes, you are right! :)

Vinati said...

It's a beautiful poem!!
Loved it to the core. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vinati: Thank you So Much! :D :D

The Solitary Writer said...

this is the beauty of words.Loved the way you played with words :) wonderful work

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@The Solitary Writer: Thank You So Much! :D Yes, that's one thing I love to do :)