4 May 2011

And The Winner Is....

Blessed Be Everyone!

All of us like to be appreciated, don't we? And when an Award is given for something that we are naturally good at, it motivates us. :D I decided to, therefore, give away an Award to a Blog which is most spontaneous.

Made by Mystical Skeptical Me
That is to say, since most of us write spontaneously, there should be something that makes a Blog, different. I came across one such different Blog and therefore, I am giving away this award to Anoop of My Life Doesn't Suck Anymore. I find him write as a he thinks, that is simple and straight from the heart. As you read his posts, you'd know what he feels. Connection is the word I'd use and therefore, no one deserves this Award better than you do :) Congrats. As you claim this award, I would like you to answer these three questions. They are:
  1. Which is your favorite weather and why?
  2. What are you three favorite tourist destinations you would want to go to, before you die?
  3. Name your three most read blogs. 
Don't forget to link it back to me. And you can also pass it on to anyone you like. :)
PS: Since my posts are incomplete without a picture, here's a one, appropriate for this post.


Anoop said...

m so happyy...tat finally u gave me an award............ :D hehehe... ;)

Anoop said...

but the first question is tough.... :P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Nah, it's easy. :P