31 May 2011

Soul Mates - The Conflict (Part 2)

'Hey Beautiful! :) Hope U R Settled well. Gdmorning n hv a nice day:)!'

Ugh! Kavya groans, yawning and opens her left eye to see Stranger's message. She flips her phone and goes back to sleep. Her internship will be starting in two days, so she is free for now. 

The whole purpose, but, was to see him. Then why is she avoiding him suddenly? Is she giving up? Is she backing out? No, she can face him. She has to, for once, not give into the fear of heartbreak. If anything goes wrong, she can face it.

Why is she thinking so much? Ah, she was being a typical girl. 

'Gdmorning Stranger! Wen r u up 4 a meeting? :) Lemme knw.'

Kavya gets up for freshening up. After 25 minutes, she checks her cell phone, calls her parents and steps out. She doesn't read Sameer's message and goes out with her friend to taste the delicacies of Street Food for which Delhi is famous. After an hour or so, Kavya sits with a cone of ice cream and checks the message.

‘2day at 5? In front of Big Chill? :)'
‘Hmm, okay? U sure u wanna c me Stranger?’

Kavya couldn't hide her fear anymore. This is like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. Okay, she is definitely losing it. She is just petrified. Her message tone brings her back to the world…

‘I’m absolutely sure…Beautiful! Even if u look like a scary monster, I’d still love u. :D’

Her heart skips a beat. 

‘Hmm, c u at 5 then. Bbye.’

She finishes her ice cream and keeps talking to her friend. They return to the PG. She glances at her watch. 4 PM. Her heart starts to beat faster. The time was here. She channels all her energy and nervousness into getting ready. She chooses a red short kurti over a pair of dark blue jeans, lets her hair fall on her shoulders…lines her big-doe-eyes with kohl and puts strawberry gloss on her lips. She smiles at her own reflection. She is beautiful. 

How would he be? With a spray of perfume, she steps into her red pumps. Too daring! She knows it but likes the confidence that surges through her.

Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Big Chill CafĂ© 

Kavya goes in but doesn’t have any appetite. How will she recognize him? Has she seen his pictures enough? What will she do? The Waiter brings her Chocolate Mocha as she waits with her heart hitting her ribs hard.

“Kavya?” A familiar voice shakes her out of her trance. She takes  10 whole seconds to look up. And what she sees breaks her heart 1000 times over and over with joy. Sameer stands before her…She forgets to smile and just stares, stares and stares. 

The Choice has been made

“Can I sit, Beautiful?” Sameer asks, with her admiration mirroring in his eyes. Kavya nods and forgets why she was frightened.

And the Step into the Future has been Taken

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30 May 2011

Soul Mates - The Meeting (Part1)

Blessed Be My Amazing Readers!

Thanks to Maithili from One Such Story, I am inspired to write one story of my own, based on real life inspirations.

A New Beginning 
"Amma, I'm going. Please, I have to!"
"Why Kavya? Delhi is so far! How will you manage alone?"
"Amma! I am 22! I can take care of myself.!"
"I know dear...it's not about that! You have never stepped out of Cochin and ... North India, I do not trust the safety in that place."
"Amma, no where is safe...and you know that! I have to go to Delhi for the final internship. It cannot happen anywhere else! Please Amma, talk to Appa no, please please!" Kavya hugs her mother tightly and gives her a puppy-dog-eyed look.

Kavya's mother looks at her and Kavya knew she had won!

"Oh Amma! I love you! Thank you!"

There was another reason why she wanted to go to Delhi. He was the reason. Her Stranger. They had met in an online forum where he had supported her in a debate. They had started to talk through such meetings and had gotten to know each other over the course of such conversations in two months. They had gotten close but she was very skeptical. She did not trust Strangers (In this case,  literally). And this was not LoveNet we were talking about. This was real life and before doing anything serious, she wanted to meet him face to face :)

They loved talking to each other and both had discussed about their fears, of not meeting and getting closer. Both understood, Kavya and her Stranger that meeting would be the final step into their relationship. And so, after 2 weeks, Kavya has decided to meet Sameer the Stranger, the guy who had given her dreams, whom she had made believe that as love grows, beauty does too, for love is the beauty of soul. Oh God! How much was she thinking? Kavya smacks herself on her forehead. Loving without seeing would just mean that she is a creep. She hadn't even told her best friends about it. They would think she is weird. Therefore, she had  to see him, to know that he exists.

Trrriing. Her message tone chimes in. Sameer's message.

'Hey Beautiful!:) So ur parents hv allowed u 4 an internship here?'
'Yessss Stranger! They hv!Oh God! I'm so excited!' Kavya immediately texts back.
'Wow! R u serious? :D'
'Of course! I'm cming der in 2 weeks for 4 weeks!:)'
'Wow!I can't blieve Beautiful! I'm so so so excited 2 c u!:O :D'
'Me too :D'
'C u soon! Gtg Beautiful! Bbye' :D
'Yep, c u soon Stranger. :D'

Kavya was done with her packing and now just had to board the flight at 7:30 PM. Today she was leaving for Delhi. She couldn't contain her nervousness when she stood in the crowded Airport. As the announcement was made for the Delhi bound passengers, Kavya touched her parents feet and secretly hoped that their blessings worked both for her internship and the much awaited meeting.
She waved a final goodbye to her parents and sent a quick text to Sameer.

'C u in 3 hrs. I mean 2morrow ;) Bbye Stranger :D'
'Can't w8 Beautiful, u surely vl keep me up 2nite :P ;)'
'Very Funny! :P Bbye.'

As Kavya landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, she couldn't shirk away the uneasy feeling settling  in her stomach. She was acting on a whim. This whole idea was stupid. She thought she'd let Sameer know that she had landed, but dropped the idea. As she hailed a taxi for her friend's PG, her phone alerted of her parents' call. She answered them and as she hung up, she saw Sameer's message.

'Hey, did you reach? I'm worried. Msg me wen u reach:)'
'I did. Vry Tired. Vl text 2morrow. Gn Stranger :)'
'Hmmm, I guess u r. :)Gn Beautiful. Tk Cr. :D'

Kavya leaned on the window pane and closed her eyes. She didn't know what to do. Apparently they were in  love, but she was suddenly very frightened. What will people think? What if she does anything wrong? Kavya drifted away in her thoughts and waited to reach to the PG.

27 May 2011

Back from the Scratch - Love Prevails

Blessed Be Everyone!

My heart was longing for all you amazing people out there :D

My University Exams just got over today and my brain is literally fried with all the laws we had to do this Semester... :| :D But I am enjoying coming back to my Blog! And all the lovely posts. I especially love this one Blog, which I cannot start my day without. I am giving out the link here, do check it out. It's by Maithili and she is a mind blowing writer :D I just love to read her posts! :D

Coming on to Mystical Skeptical Me (Yes, I'm vain :P) I thought, since it's late night and rain's pouring and I can hear distant thunders, how can I not spin a little web of words? So here's a little piece for you...

"In the mist, a leaf rolls down,
Spiraling down on the earth,
Separated from the life but alive with beautiful past.
The drop from an open eye, falls down to meet the fallen one,
Hand in hand, they mourn the death of their love,
But together they are now, each for the other one,
Knowing that the end was inevitable,
Knowing that love was only in dreams,
They had betrayed the course of time,
And fallen in love with someone divine.
The crumbling leaf reminisced the touch of the breeze,
And the tear drop, missed the touch of it's lover,
Had they torn their souls apart?
No, said the leaf to the pearl drop,
For love heals the shattered souls,
And we are the one's to be healed,
Bled and killed, but never giving up instead,
Today we lie in the silent testimony,
That our love shall never die...
Cause we are here now, and we did try,
For someday, you shall find your eye and I shall find my high."

Courtesy: Google Images

Till the next post, my lovely readers, keep believing in love and the likes, for the life is too short to mourn for what you can't have than to celebrate what you have. Blessed Be!

9 May 2011

Reality Blues

Blessed be Everyone!

I am in one of my 'those' moods. Well, when my inner, serious person wakes up and looks into her heart. Not everything's good in there. Past few days have been crazy. I am confused, conflicted and I don't know where to go or whom to ask. It's like I need a perpetual hug to keep me going. I know, Sentimentality Overdose Alert (!) Sigh. Thank God I can at least let go some of my overspilling emotions through writing. So, here's another not-so-fictional real life inspired short story. I need some motivation and I hope I get it from you all. Thank you for stopping by my Blog and making an effort to see what it's all about. :)

"The coffee mug almost slips from his fingers as he hears a loud 'crack' and a rattle of a vessel from the adjoining dining hall. He holds his breath and waits for something else to follow. Nothing. Piercing silence. A Sob. A woman breathless. He slowly gets up, lest his chair squeaks and peeps from the corner of his room door. There, sitting on the floor, is a disheveled woman, crying with a thrown plate and scattered food all around her, grotesquely decorating her like yellow marigold petals. 

A man sits on a chair next to her, staring at her like a starved hawk. Angry, Hungry and Ready to Strike. 

'I told you I hate what you cook. Don't bring that piece of s*** before me again! Why can't you cook like my mother! How old are you? 50? Haven't you learnt anything in these many years?' 

He is shouting. She gives him a look of utter hatred. A cold and dead look, that would freeze a human being. But this man, this Angry, Hungry and Ready to Strike man, is far from being called a human. 

He stands behind the door and watches all this like a mute spectator. Will he be like that when he gets married? Will he treat his wife like that? Hating her and Screaming at her. A shudder passes through him, leaving him momentarily cold. He couldn't watch this anymore. What worst could happen? He comes out of his room and stands at the scene of Oppression and Depression. 

'Dad. Why do you talk to her like that? She is old now, like you are! Can't you see how much she does for you?' He controls his temper, hoping to talk like a sensible man.

'What? She has to do all this for me. Who else will she cook and wash and serve for?' The Angry, Hungry and Ready to Strike man looks like an Evil, Leering and Obnoxious man as he says this. 

He grits his teeth and lifts his mother up. 

'Why Maa? Why do you tolerate this?' He asks, knowing the answer thoroughly in his heart.
'For this.' She says, holding those tiny black and golden beads around her neck that tie her to his father, in a bond of eternity. An Eternity of Suffering and Pain. 
'If I were you, I'd have left him.' He says, as his mother cleans the mess.
'It is easier said than done. It's too late. I am old now. I am just waiting for you to get a job and get married. Then I can die peacefully.' His heart lurches imagining his mother dead.
'Maa, I hate him.' He says, expressions blunt and emotions raging. Just like blood oozing through reopened scars. There was no tourniquet to stop this hatred from spilling.
'No, you should not. He is your Father.' His mother says, switching into the immediate Wife of the Angry, Hungry and Ready to Strike man, mode.
'But....why? Don't you hate him?' He asks.
'No...and I don't have a choice. I am his wife.'
'Yes. You are his wife! Shouldn't he respect that. Why don't you say anything Maa?'
'You wouldn't understand Son.' She says, cutting onions for another curry.
'I would. Why do you tolerate him? You should just, just slap him. Tell him, you are not his servant! Throw him out of this house. Bloody idiot!' He yells, angry at the patience and endurance of his mother. It annoyed him and made him feel like a raging blind folded bull.


The hands cutting onions hit him hard on the cheek. He is stunned as he looks down at his mother, who is giving him the same cold dead look.

'You will see me dead if you ever talk about your father like that again. Do you understand?' She says - her every syllable is drenched in anger. He doesn't understand how to react. He just takes a deep breath and walks out of the kitchen, back to his room. Pain makes his eyes sting. But he is a man and he wouldn't cry.

What was the point for standing up for something and becoming what you never wanted to be? He said things when he was angry, things that he hated when his father spewed them from his mouth. Bloody Idiot. 
He could smell  the cooking of his mother as he shuts the door of his room and goes back to his coffee, finding solace in that dark black concoction. Somethings never change."

4 May 2011

And The Winner Is....

Blessed Be Everyone!

All of us like to be appreciated, don't we? And when an Award is given for something that we are naturally good at, it motivates us. :D I decided to, therefore, give away an Award to a Blog which is most spontaneous.

Made by Mystical Skeptical Me
That is to say, since most of us write spontaneously, there should be something that makes a Blog, different. I came across one such different Blog and therefore, I am giving away this award to Anoop of My Life Doesn't Suck Anymore. I find him write as a he thinks, that is simple and straight from the heart. As you read his posts, you'd know what he feels. Connection is the word I'd use and therefore, no one deserves this Award better than you do :) Congrats. As you claim this award, I would like you to answer these three questions. They are:
  1. Which is your favorite weather and why?
  2. What are you three favorite tourist destinations you would want to go to, before you die?
  3. Name your three most read blogs. 
Don't forget to link it back to me. And you can also pass it on to anyone you like. :)
PS: Since my posts are incomplete without a picture, here's a one, appropriate for this post.