6 Apr 2011

The Wolf Song

Blessed Be my beloved people!

I am in LOVE. Sigh. With?

A Wolf.

Alpha! Look at those eyes and the soft gray mane! Who wouldn't fall in love with these majestic creatures. I was going through the National Geographic Channel's website when I came across the topic of wolves. They were under the category of endangered species. I felt sad. Super sad. I think that after Lions, these are some majestic species. I am in LOVE with them, so, you can have a look at them too, Here.

So what's this got to do with Mysticism or Skepticism?

I will talk about the Howling of the wolves at the moon. If I were one, I'd do that too ;) Just Kidding.

I always used to get intrigued by the howls of the dogs and wolves. The mourning sound and the united melody does not indicate death of someone, nor does it mean that the moon is their long lost lover and nor does it mean that they are going to turn into Werewolves! Ack!

So why do they howl at the moon - full or crescent?

Fact one, wolves howl more when there's no moon than when there's full moon - how so, it's dark and since we all know wolves live in a pack, losing either of the members is easy.
Howling is one way of communicating. 

Fact two, wolves howl to indicate they are lonely. That is to say that during the mating season, the Alpha has a claim on the female first, the rest of the pack follows to find their own mates, it may so happen that one or two of them do not find partners - one way of grieving. Fair enough.

Fact three, they howl when they hunt and get excited.

Fact four, to call upon the members, one of them howls, a sign to form the group.

Wow. Now I will never think that there is any mystery in the howling of the wolves. But yes, what still intrigues me is that they live in a pack, and mostly sing in unison. Their music is known to haunt the souls of the grieving, and if you are sad, and hear them howl, I can bet, it would give you jitters. Nonetheless, I love wolves.
Courtesy: National Geographic Magazine
Till the next time, let the music of the wild take us back to where we belong. Blessed be!


Ninu said...

wolves r sooo cute... :D

hehehe... i like them tooo... :)

n hey again..some information... i think u do better researchin... ;) :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ninu: I love their masculine edge. Pups are cute though :D Thanks for reading. :D :D Alpha wolves! wow!

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

And as i said before, i love your posts more because it always have something more than you know =)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Bhargavi: :) :) And I must say...I am loving all the appreciation :D :D Thank You! I heart you! :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Aww...I heart you too :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D :D :D