20 Apr 2011

Tickle My Nose

Blessed Be Everyone! I wish you all a summer with rains and cool breezes, like it's here :) <Note the wish however ;)>

It's been eight days since I posted anything and I was feeling kind of weird about it. However, in the meanwhile I was enjoying with my brother who had come down to see me. :) He left today - but no worries, since good moments come in short packages. Anyway, all said and done, now I am here with my new set of findings and things to ponder over. 

Have you had a moment when you were sitting somewhere, when a whiff of fragrance has startled you, making you reminisce of the memories associated with the smell? Simply put, I am sure we all had moments when someone somewhere crosses us and as we get the smell of the person, we feel we know that smell. Forget about the similar brands of deodorants and perfumes, it's just a smell that pushes you down a memory lane. Isn't it? Like a child knows the smell of it's mother's skin, a lover knows the smell of his/her love and whatnot.

So I thought, what does smell got to do with recognition? I mean, we are not hounds to distinguish between different smells, are we? But, once again, my research has proved me wrong. So much for being a Mystic Skeptic :) 

I was sitting in my college canteen once when some guy passed me. I didn't see him of course, but when he went by, I got the smell which was uncannily similar to that of my Dad's. I immediately turned around, hoping and desperately wishing that it was him, but well, my rationality asked me to shut up. It was just a smell and had me hoping to see him.

One another very very common association that people have with the sense of smell is that they recognize the smell of their homes, bed sheets, furnitures etc. In fact, in hospitals <I don't know about everywhere>, when a patient is given flowers that he likes, it helps him heal faster. Debatable, because there are people who are allergic, to well, perfumed flowers. 

However, I thought of looking into the Flower Therapy and check for my self if it works. Conclusion? It does - for me nonetheless. I'd still say that this is subjective. So, the topic for my today's post is how smell can help in healing or in any other manner?

Flowers like Lavender and Jasmine in their purest forms have calming effect - which put in scientific terms, have sedative effect <Hehe> Anyway, it's been directed by the Traffic Cops that the drivers while driving vehicles should stay away from such fragrances as they are sleep inducing.  

English Lavenders
The smell of Peppermint helps the athletes run faster and concentrate more. Children, when subjected to the aroma of fresh Strawberries, performed better in the tests <Wow!>

Strawberries <I love them>
A report of Toronto University suggests that smell can help bringing back lost memories and treating  patients suffering from amnesia as the memories associated with smell tend to be more intense and more emotional. True that :)

Aroma of Rose  can lower the blood pressure and Coffee can awaken a person - it can also calm a person, helping them to sleep. Eucalyptus has a sharp piercing smell that alerts a person. 

Yeah you get the idea - I LOVE pictures. Thank you Google for making my life so picturesque.
And Eucalyptus
Reports suggests that the Cells associated with our smell system are also governed by that area of brain which controls emotions, behavior and long-term memory

Smell can also effect on how much we spend. Casinos in Las Vegas experimented by spreading pleasant aromas in and around their slot machines and gambling areas. Result? There was a 50% increase in the money gambled. People suffering from insomnia can try smelling Lavenders, Lilacs etc. before they sleep. It slows down the nervous system, relaxing the taut nerves, leading to sleep.  

Wow, no wonder the neighborhood smell of a million incense sticks keeps me motivated to keep walking on the terrace :| Jokes apart, I hope you found this post informative. 

Till then, my open minded fellas, keep looking out for big surprises in small things - keep your nose up.
Blessed be!


A Lot Like Fashion said...

Love this post! :) Not only coz I love fragrances of all sort but also coz I actually identify fragrances with emotions all the time too!

Anoop said...

wow... tats another informative post.. :D always mystical n skeptical.. :D hehehe...

nice.... :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@A Lot Like Fashion: Me too :) I love fragrances. And for me, a good smelling person can beat a hottie anytime ;) Thank you! :D

@Anoop: Welcome Back! :) Thank You! :D

PeeVee said...

Oh my my. That's quite a well researched take on my feeble smelly post:)

Have I told you, you have a wonderful way with pictures/photos?

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@PeeVee: :D Thank you! However, your post was definitely NOT feeble and smelly...it was personal, unlike my science report. ;) :D

Pictures/Photos...I love writing more so because of them, they help to interpret and gives faces to our imagination...I remember pics better than words. :D I heart you! :D