4 Apr 2011

Heat my Dreams!

Hello and Blessed be everyone!

I sincerely apologize for being MIA for so long! I have been working on few pieces and well, reading a lot. Let's start afresh now. I thought I would write something intriguing and bold today. Being a law student, sometimes 'reading' stuff gets too high and dry <Emphasis on 'dry'> ;) and therefore, I deviate from reading the usual genre of books that I like. Currently I am reading two things at a time: 1) Jeffrey Archer's False Impression and 2) Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid Succubus Series. Both of them are delightfully enrapturing and it is hard to put them down.

Amazing Plot, Fast Paced and an unexpected End - A MUST read.
Writing and reading, both have been my soul mates :P and a vent out since 6th Grade. Okay, vent-out was not back then, but now surely it is ;) I LOVE writing and so do all of you :D who stumble upon blogs to get an interesting read. Unfortunately the Supernatural and Mystical stuff that I've come across off late doesn't seem to be, well - public - post-ish enough.  That is to say, I'd feel that I'd be censored ;) I will drop you a hint.

It is related to Vampires.

Ack! Okay Okay, do NOT cringe in agony. I said 'related to'.

I'll break the suspense, if you have still not guessed from the books I've referred to above, and dive into the murky waters. Since, most of my readers would know that all my inspirations - most of them are from the stuff I read, this one's not different - actually it is.

Who'd have thought people would get over the Vampires (Thank God!)

I thought of dedicating this blog post to Georgina Kincaid - The Succubus Series. I absolutely love these books and No, Not because there are explicit scenes or anything like that. I am not a pro in the matters of romance and I HATE cheesy love making scenes the chick lits have.

But these Series, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not your average sleaze lit. It is intelligently written, with the protagonist so strong, you instantly dive in and out along with her. And the steam is controlled, very similar to the way most male authors write.

A MUST read - especially for all the women.
Men too, if they like to see women impersonating dominatrix. 

After saying that, I'll pursue my most usual way of dedication - by writing :). I will tell you all about this popular Demoness of the medieval era - the Succubus (pl. Succubi). In the folklore, it's believe that two demons of this category exist - Incubus and Succubus.

Incubus (As Google provides)
And the 'Lovely' <Brrr> Succubus
Note: They are Demons - the Creatures of Hell, yes, of course.
Richelle Mead however, beautifully portrays the Succubus Georgina - A Three to Four Centuries Old Succubus, who  was a human before (!) and because she cheats on her husband - chooses to become a demoness to save him from death. The Series are action packed with the Catty Georgina not sparing anyone from her sharp tongue and brains. Amazing and Refreshing - so different from the pining women.

Getting back to the topic - Succubus are said to transform into beautiful women (read Shape-shifting) and seduce men in their dreams. The seed released by the men during their sleep is then collected by the Succubus and handed over to the Incubus who impregnates women in their sleep. Horrifying!

Anyway, the old tales say that to hide the illicit relations with men and illegitimate pregnancy, the concept of Incubus developed and helped the women to save themselves from the wrath of the society. Succubus and Incubus feed off the soul of the mortals they lay their hands upon (quite literally!) and sustain themselves. The concept of Vampires has originated from these ancient demons.

Cliche'd Anyone?
Georgina Kincaid however is a 28 year old woman with a class - she calls herself a 'Shameless Strumpet' if she thinks about 'doing it' with her mortal boyfriend - her favorite writer Seth Mortensen because she wants to save him from her soul-sucking thing. Intriguing, very intriguing is the fact how she handles all her emotions and being a creature from hell - still holds morals and principals (bah!).

She is beautiful - I think <Presenting - Georgina from Succubus Blues>
The Succubi have always frightened the communities across the world, more than our cliche'd Vampires. I wonder how. Well, because they kill. What's the point in being a demon if you do not have an action packed punch in you?

Saying that, I'd definitely recommend you these series, they are a good read. My Mysticism wants to believe that they must exist - it would answer what men fantasize of - only if they are not dead :| Being a Skeptical, I read these series and was very impressed - it seemed like a detective novel. Sorry, couldn't find another analogy.

Do let me know if you want me to write on anything specific, please. I promise, it'll show up in my next post. Till then, my beautiful and handsome people - watch what and who you dream of! Blessed Be!


Ninu said...

i like jeffrey archer too... but i m not much into vampires n ghosts... :P

let me try to get hold of 'False impressions' :D

n hey try readin the immortals of meluha.. its jus amazing... by an indian... n out-of-the-world climax.... :D

A Lot Like Fashion said...

You finally did this post!
So proud!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ninu: :D Haha, I know I know, Vampires? Ack! There is better stuff out there than Edward and Bella - People make me sad :| ;)

False Impression is really good. :D

I have done a post on Immortals I think. I'd love to read it - attraction being - by an 'Indian' author. Have you read Battle of Bittora? By Anuja Chauhan? Another witty words churner by an Indian :D

Thank you for stopping by! I love your posts! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@A Lot Like Fashion: Thank you for constantly being there :D Yayy, I did a not-so-censored post! :D Thanks once again :) I loved the World Cup Post too :D

Ninu said...

battle of bittora?? no..i hav not heard abt it.. :)
yes i read the review of false impression.. need to read it... m readin shutter island now..hehe omg...n hey dont miss millenium series also.. simply superb books they r.. :D

n hey thanks a lot for likin my posts... :) u kno i wrote some reviews abt a few books..n then i knew writin review is the toughest part.. hehe... so u keep writin reviews abt the books..n i ll keep readin.. ;)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ninu: I love your blog :) It's out there and so like me :) Review for the book - I cross my heart and swear that I did it unintentionally :D I have no idea how and why I end up doing that :)

I am going to download the immortals of meluha. :D
And hey, since you are not a believer of ghosts and such - you can tell me if you want me to write on something specific. I promise you would see it on my blog. Keep reading. I am doing it too :D :)