10 Apr 2011

Field of Innocence

Love and Light to All My Readers, Blessed Be!

I have been in an introspection mood since last night as I heard this song. It's by Evanescence, called Field of Innocence. A little excerpt of the song for you all:

"I still remember the world from the eyes of a child,
Slowly those feelings were clouded by what I know now.
Oh, where has my heart gone? 
An uneven trade for the real world,
Oh, I...I want to go back to...
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all..."

I worked on a story from the lyrics of the song. It is about how we all grow up and become scared to accept the things that were dear to us before. I know I know I am too sentimental right  now, but, well, human am I not? :) So, here's the story for you all. :D

"She looked beautiful today. She knew she did, because everyone kept saying, "Oooh, look at you, you are sooo pretty!" She is dressed as an angel, with pink frock that fluffs up and shiny new wings. She went up on the stage - she was the main fairy who would save the poor little villagers from the bad witch. She was beautiful. And she knew it, because everyone clapped when she waved her wand to kill the old and evil witch. She was jumping with joy as her parents collected her from back stage - her little friends awed with her - hugs and kisses showered on her like pre - monsoon rains. She slept happily that night - dreaming of fairies and magic and everything that was bright and golden.

Today she is standing on a stage again - but no one is telling her how beautiful she is. Everyone is looking at her as she raises her palms and hides her face for a second - she is divorcing her husband.

The Lone Woman - Made by Mystical Skeptical ME
Her Husband. An angry monster rears it's head inside her. He was her childhood friend, a sweet heart, the one who made her believe that the fairy tales did come true. Wasn't that the way it always turned out to be? Betrayal, Dreams Shattered, Expecting Too Much - saving herself from his poisonous words and hurtful punches had become her only aim in her 40 years of life.

She looks at him now, he is seething with hatred for her. It is so obvious in his expressions as he gives her a final glare as the Judge declares their separation. He walks out of the courtroom with his arm around another woman's waist.

She takes a deep breath and walks towards the exit of the courtroom.  All the emotions choke her as she imagines a life ahead of her. How will she manage it? Where had she come too? She couldn't go back to "believing in everything and knowing nothing at all".

She feels a small arm wrap around her waist. Her 12 year old daughter has walked up to her. She takes her mother's hand and says,

"Mom, you did the right thing."

She smiles at her daughter - the only one. For a briefest moment, she feels a pang of fear for her daughter - What if she too will have to go through the same thing? But she looks at her daughter as she arranges the folder of the stories she writes. She wants to be a writer - creating a world of imagination. She smiles to herself as her eyes move on to the cover of her daughter's folder, which has a huge pink fairy on it.

No, her daughter would be stronger and wiser. She takes her hand and walks out into the world - into the field of innocence."

The world may change tomorrow. We may discard every childhood fantasy we had once. But within, in our hearts we long to go back to what we were. Truth is bitter and we become brittle as the reality crashes down onto us. But hope, hope keeps us moving. We love, we laugh and we live.

Courtesy: National Geographic Magazine 
Till then, my fellow humans, let's hold onto our grounds strong. A bullet may pierce our hearts, but we remain what we are - today, tomorrow, until the eternity. Blessed be!


Ninu said...


sorry for bein late on ur blog;... i was completely out yesterday... mmm..

n tats a sad post...mayb i felt it more sad cuz i m sad too...for some reason....

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ninu: Harmony and Light to you first, to ward off the sadness that you may have felt.

Second, this post has a sad undertone because I was feeling low too. :)

Thanks for reading anyway :D

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

True, no matter how much we run away from fantasy, somewhere, sometime, all of us think/want/believe or want to believe, it'll all be okay..like in the fairy tales.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:) Yes.....here's to hoping :D :D