5 Apr 2011

I am such a Sinner baby!

Blessed Be!

Today I thought I would write on anger. But as I was browsing for some matter regarding the book I am writing and needed to know something - I suddenly toppled over the list of "Seven Deadly Sins" and that got me thinking. I mean, looking at the list, I am sure that I am doomed. I have committed at least 5 of them - save lust maybe - but errr....does drooling over Ranvir Singh count? Then may be I am done. You may see me as a dead walker. :P 

Since I came across the list, I quickly used our superhuman search engine <aka Google Images> and got some pretty awesome pictures to accompany with the sins. 

What can I do? I am just a lowly mortal. Beauty attracts me. Heh. Here you go. More about the sins after the pictures. 

*Disclaimer: All the pictures rightfully belong to their owners and Google of course. I have put them here for entertainment and do not intend any copyright infringements. Owners - chill. You guys are awesome. 

Sin number 1: Lust
Look at that. I am SO doomed.

Okay, I am not trying to hurt any religious sentiments here. I love all the religions and hold equal respect for everyone - so please, do not tell me that my words are Blasphemous. 
So, well, Lust. We all know what that is. And initially, it was not that word - Luxuria was the word that was used, someone who tends to splurge. So, that dooms all the women, eh? ;)

Sin number 2: Gluttony
Ungh, I have been there, done that :|
We all know what being a glutton is. And all the foodies out there, we guys are dead. Heh. Okay, so eating more than your body needs or wasting that you have is considered as sin. Why? Because according to Christian belief, eating or desiring more than you need is withdrawing from the needy. True. 

Sin number 3: Greed (Avarice)
Diamonds? Nah!

So, Greed or Avarice is our third deadly sin. In Latin, Avaritia is the term for Greed, covetousness or avarice. According to Rev. St. Thomas Aquinas - Greed was a sin against God as mortals pay more homage to temporal gains than to the wordings of the God.    Avarice is a wider term and means acquiring material wealth through violence like theft, robbery, hoarding etc.  Well, I am not that greedy but I guess this dooms ALL the politicians of our country. Cool!

Sin number 4: Sloth (Laziness) 

This sin does not mean being lazy in the literal sense of the word. It technically means not utilizing the talents and gifts one have. Is sleeping a talent? :|

Sin number 5: Wrath (Anger)

My BIGGEST sin. Wrath or anger is called "Ira" in Latin and is considered as inordinate or uncontrolled feelings of hatred or anger. And interesting find - Wrath is the only sin which is not linked with selfishness. Wow. True that. I am doomed again.

Sin number 6: Envy

Ah! The Green Eyed Monster. Well, those who are in a relationship, those who think they are not as good as someone - well, we all know the feeling. I am jealous of all the women who are thin and fit. I am trying. I'll be there soon. ;) :D

And finally Sin number 7: Vanity (Pride)

In Latin it means, unjustified boasting - Vanagloria. Well, models and fashionistas, there you go! Sorry, but vanity doesn't mean pride only, it also has strong inclination towards Narcissist undertones. So, well, if mirror is your best friend, you are so knocking at the doors of Hell. 

I loved these. Err, not the sins, but the way history and folklore talks about them. Anger was my topic for today. I have been a sinner. Well, anger management is something I never learn. I usually do not get angry as I vent out my feelings when I write or paint. But sometimes, when it is unwarranted and I am not prepared for it, a weird adrenaline rush picks up in my blood. You know, it's like what or who can I trash.

What do I do? I grit my teeth and purse my lips. I always end up crying if I try to shout. So, this is how I control my anger. Since, I do not have many words to put down regarding this - 
I'd like to know what do you guys do when you are angry.

Till then all my mortal and immortal fellas, breathe in and breathe out, it WORKS! Blessed Be! :)
PS: Something's seriously wrong with the size of the Font I am using, please bear with me, Patience is a Virtue :P :D


Ninu said...

drooling thing doesnt count... :P hehe...

n i loved the disclaimer part than anythin else u wrote :P

hehehe.... n abt the sins.. omg..im hearin most of them for the 1st time..i mean..i never knew they were sins... :D

n abt anger, i dont get angry u see... hehehe :P
when i get angry i jus throw watever happens to b in my hand.. :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ninu: I so knew that you would or rather anyone else who is still following me :| will like the Disclaimer part. :D I knew there were sins, but all these, I had NO idea. Oh, is the font too small, I don't know why it is coming caption size. Thank you for reading this one, :D You are making me your ardent follower :D

Throwing things when angry - Heh, wow! I usually break things that are in my hand, including pens, pencils etc. Other stuff I don't pick up.

Srinath said...


Do watch this movie, Se7en. You'd get a clear picture.
P.S: It is a little gory. Very little.

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

I am reading your posts after so long...and i feel so good =)
I knew about the sins, but its history amuses me.
So much research you do, it makes the most even more interesting =)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Bhargavi: Where were you? I have missed you so much! :) :) :D Thank you! :D :D Please Keep Reading Sweetheart! :) :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Had final year exams, and then some more exams :P
Would be regular from now on =)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:) :) Yayyyy..... I will be a regular from now too :D Following you I mean :D :D