29 Apr 2011

A Letter to God

A Letter to God by a girl who steps into another year of adulthood. Blessed Be.

Dear God,

You must be thinking, how am I talking to you today, when we fought yesterday. Well, I fought with you. You, you never said anything. Tomorrow, I turn 23 and the weight of that is crashing me down. Not with sorrow or fear, but with the knowledge of reality that I've survived 23 years of my life in this world. Words can never describe how thankful I feel that I've made it through the days. All, because of you.  

When I think of the past, I see how you always stood by me, even when I was alone in the crowd. I was always alone, wasn't I? I was young and tender. How old was I? 6? Yes, 6. I saw my family crash into an accident. I came through unscathed. Everyone was injured, except me. The older ones said I was unlucky for them. Was I? I saw you at the hospital and I felt sunlight coursing through my heart. I knew it would be all right. And yes, it was all right. All, because of you. 

I grew up, to feel for the first time, what fear means. Someone tried to damage me and I couldn't run. Could I? But you were there, and I ran away, just in time to be saved. That moment scarred me forever and I still cannot learn how to love, but you, you teach me what love is. Pure, unconditional and undemanding. You teach me that no matter what, you love me and you will show me a ray of hope. I learnt to hope in devastating circumstances. All, because of you.

I saw what was the pain of not being loved felt like. I saw two most important people of my life, fight and still survive. I heard them hurl profanities towards each other, I saw them yell, and I felt them cry. Alone, in a room, desperate for attention I fought with the only little brother I have. You showed me what true love was. That little brother today, stands tall and holds my hands when he sees I am alone. You taught me how to respect what you have, and I learnt it. All, because of you.

I was mocked for what I was. I was mocked through the years, for the things I believed in. Magic and Fairy Tales were my best friends, weren't they? Now, I was a young adult and I fought with my best friends. I fought with the fact everyday, that You exist. For me you didn't. You vanished from my thoughts, from my life. I didn't care anymore. After all, I couldn't see you, could I? Then how could you be real? You weren't. One day, you showed me you do. And I believed in it. I learnt that no matter what, if you have faith, anything could be real. I learnt to believe in myself. All, because of you.

God, they say that you can make one wish on your Birthday. And I, I have only one wish. That you stand by me like this and help me grow. I will make mistakes, I still do, but, you...you never judge me. Help me know the difference between right and easy. Help me learn that not everything is achieved through hard work - that I need to believe in myself and love what I do.

I know you would hug me when you see this. Hugs, I like them, don't I? I am Twenty Three. I grew up, didn't I :)

The Girl Who Stepped Into Another Year Of Adulthood.

27 Apr 2011

Whacked Out - I am the 'It'

Blessed Be Everyone,

I've been made the 'It' by Mr. Ninu aka Anoop :P from My Life Doesn't Suck Anymore. So, I am supposed to answer these deceptive questions 'honestly' which seems like a really tough job. Although, I hope you'd get to know me better after this. :) 


1. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
  • In 2007, when someone asked me the most important question that could have changed my life, I should have said NO but said YES and F****d my own life :-|
2. What Movie or TV Character you think you resemble mostly?
3. What movie or TV Character would you really like to be?
4. If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
  • Someone who altered the meaning of my existence.
5. Name one habit you want to change in yourself.
  • My laziness. <Whether it changes ever or not, that's debatable :-|>
6. Describe yourself in one word.
  • Unique :P
7. Describe the person who named you in this Meme, in one word.
  • Intriguing.
8. Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.
  • I blog to answer the doubts that arise in everyone's minds. Nah, sorry. :) I blog because like every other blogger, I love to write, though on weird stuff that everyone must know about :D
9. Name at least 3 people to send this Meme to then inform them.
10. Link back to the person who tagged you in this Meme.
And Since none of my Blog Posts are without a picture, I'll put a favorite of mine here. :D

Meet Emily, a 13 year old girl, who is anti-culture and blah. Emily The Strange, check her out Here.

20 Apr 2011

Tickle My Nose

Blessed Be Everyone! I wish you all a summer with rains and cool breezes, like it's here :) <Note the wish however ;)>

It's been eight days since I posted anything and I was feeling kind of weird about it. However, in the meanwhile I was enjoying with my brother who had come down to see me. :) He left today - but no worries, since good moments come in short packages. Anyway, all said and done, now I am here with my new set of findings and things to ponder over. 

Have you had a moment when you were sitting somewhere, when a whiff of fragrance has startled you, making you reminisce of the memories associated with the smell? Simply put, I am sure we all had moments when someone somewhere crosses us and as we get the smell of the person, we feel we know that smell. Forget about the similar brands of deodorants and perfumes, it's just a smell that pushes you down a memory lane. Isn't it? Like a child knows the smell of it's mother's skin, a lover knows the smell of his/her love and whatnot.

So I thought, what does smell got to do with recognition? I mean, we are not hounds to distinguish between different smells, are we? But, once again, my research has proved me wrong. So much for being a Mystic Skeptic :) 

I was sitting in my college canteen once when some guy passed me. I didn't see him of course, but when he went by, I got the smell which was uncannily similar to that of my Dad's. I immediately turned around, hoping and desperately wishing that it was him, but well, my rationality asked me to shut up. It was just a smell and had me hoping to see him.

One another very very common association that people have with the sense of smell is that they recognize the smell of their homes, bed sheets, furnitures etc. In fact, in hospitals <I don't know about everywhere>, when a patient is given flowers that he likes, it helps him heal faster. Debatable, because there are people who are allergic, to well, perfumed flowers. 

However, I thought of looking into the Flower Therapy and check for my self if it works. Conclusion? It does - for me nonetheless. I'd still say that this is subjective. So, the topic for my today's post is how smell can help in healing or in any other manner?

Flowers like Lavender and Jasmine in their purest forms have calming effect - which put in scientific terms, have sedative effect <Hehe> Anyway, it's been directed by the Traffic Cops that the drivers while driving vehicles should stay away from such fragrances as they are sleep inducing.  

English Lavenders
The smell of Peppermint helps the athletes run faster and concentrate more. Children, when subjected to the aroma of fresh Strawberries, performed better in the tests <Wow!>

Strawberries <I love them>
A report of Toronto University suggests that smell can help bringing back lost memories and treating  patients suffering from amnesia as the memories associated with smell tend to be more intense and more emotional. True that :)

Aroma of Rose  can lower the blood pressure and Coffee can awaken a person - it can also calm a person, helping them to sleep. Eucalyptus has a sharp piercing smell that alerts a person. 

Yeah you get the idea - I LOVE pictures. Thank you Google for making my life so picturesque.
And Eucalyptus
Reports suggests that the Cells associated with our smell system are also governed by that area of brain which controls emotions, behavior and long-term memory

Smell can also effect on how much we spend. Casinos in Las Vegas experimented by spreading pleasant aromas in and around their slot machines and gambling areas. Result? There was a 50% increase in the money gambled. People suffering from insomnia can try smelling Lavenders, Lilacs etc. before they sleep. It slows down the nervous system, relaxing the taut nerves, leading to sleep.  

Wow, no wonder the neighborhood smell of a million incense sticks keeps me motivated to keep walking on the terrace :| Jokes apart, I hope you found this post informative. 

Till then, my open minded fellas, keep looking out for big surprises in small things - keep your nose up.
Blessed be!

12 Apr 2011

On Cloud Nine

Hello and Blessed be my readers!

I am living in the skies right now :) Why? I used to love watching the shapes in the clouds when I was a kid and I still very much do. So, as I was walking on the terrace two days ago in the evening, I looked up at the sky and my brain wandered off amidst the fluffy cotton candies. I imagined a whole story staring at the clouds. :D One cloud was shaped like an escaping thing with two horns - I decided that this would be a Demon kicked out by the Lords of Heaven. The Sun was behind the clouds and the sky was orange and purple and blue - the clouds were gray. And then from the other side, dark clouds started to roll in - More Dark and Evil demons :P I kept imagining stuff like that and I loved every single moment of it. Even today, I saw a HUGE cloud shaped like a tiny bird, with big eye and pointy (okay, not so pointy :P) beak. I love watching the clouds. You can create a whole new world of your own with them. I Googled images of Cloud shapes. Lemme know what you think of them. :D

Dog Cloud! :D Look at the nose.
This looks like a man digging whole in the ground, to me :)
Doesn't the cloud to the left look like a bedazzled Hippo? :D

The Top Cloud to the right looks like a Pig to me. And the Bottom left one, like an open palm. :D
And here's the final one:
Looks like a man with open arms, greeting the sun and the waves.
I loved these pictures. Do let me know what do you think? This is definitely not childish :) And I am sure most of us still love to watch the clouds take shape according to our imagination.

Till then my inspiring and smiling mortal friends, keep looking out for the happiness in the smallest of things, Blessed Be!

10 Apr 2011

Field of Innocence

Love and Light to All My Readers, Blessed Be!

I have been in an introspection mood since last night as I heard this song. It's by Evanescence, called Field of Innocence. A little excerpt of the song for you all:

"I still remember the world from the eyes of a child,
Slowly those feelings were clouded by what I know now.
Oh, where has my heart gone? 
An uneven trade for the real world,
Oh, I...I want to go back to...
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all..."

I worked on a story from the lyrics of the song. It is about how we all grow up and become scared to accept the things that were dear to us before. I know I know I am too sentimental right  now, but, well, human am I not? :) So, here's the story for you all. :D

"She looked beautiful today. She knew she did, because everyone kept saying, "Oooh, look at you, you are sooo pretty!" She is dressed as an angel, with pink frock that fluffs up and shiny new wings. She went up on the stage - she was the main fairy who would save the poor little villagers from the bad witch. She was beautiful. And she knew it, because everyone clapped when she waved her wand to kill the old and evil witch. She was jumping with joy as her parents collected her from back stage - her little friends awed with her - hugs and kisses showered on her like pre - monsoon rains. She slept happily that night - dreaming of fairies and magic and everything that was bright and golden.

Today she is standing on a stage again - but no one is telling her how beautiful she is. Everyone is looking at her as she raises her palms and hides her face for a second - she is divorcing her husband.

The Lone Woman - Made by Mystical Skeptical ME
Her Husband. An angry monster rears it's head inside her. He was her childhood friend, a sweet heart, the one who made her believe that the fairy tales did come true. Wasn't that the way it always turned out to be? Betrayal, Dreams Shattered, Expecting Too Much - saving herself from his poisonous words and hurtful punches had become her only aim in her 40 years of life.

She looks at him now, he is seething with hatred for her. It is so obvious in his expressions as he gives her a final glare as the Judge declares their separation. He walks out of the courtroom with his arm around another woman's waist.

She takes a deep breath and walks towards the exit of the courtroom.  All the emotions choke her as she imagines a life ahead of her. How will she manage it? Where had she come too? She couldn't go back to "believing in everything and knowing nothing at all".

She feels a small arm wrap around her waist. Her 12 year old daughter has walked up to her. She takes her mother's hand and says,

"Mom, you did the right thing."

She smiles at her daughter - the only one. For a briefest moment, she feels a pang of fear for her daughter - What if she too will have to go through the same thing? But she looks at her daughter as she arranges the folder of the stories she writes. She wants to be a writer - creating a world of imagination. She smiles to herself as her eyes move on to the cover of her daughter's folder, which has a huge pink fairy on it.

No, her daughter would be stronger and wiser. She takes her hand and walks out into the world - into the field of innocence."

The world may change tomorrow. We may discard every childhood fantasy we had once. But within, in our hearts we long to go back to what we were. Truth is bitter and we become brittle as the reality crashes down onto us. But hope, hope keeps us moving. We love, we laugh and we live.

Courtesy: National Geographic Magazine 
Till then, my fellow humans, let's hold onto our grounds strong. A bullet may pierce our hearts, but we remain what we are - today, tomorrow, until the eternity. Blessed be!

6 Apr 2011

The Wolf Song

Blessed Be my beloved people!

I am in LOVE. Sigh. With?

A Wolf.

Alpha! Look at those eyes and the soft gray mane! Who wouldn't fall in love with these majestic creatures. I was going through the National Geographic Channel's website when I came across the topic of wolves. They were under the category of endangered species. I felt sad. Super sad. I think that after Lions, these are some majestic species. I am in LOVE with them, so, you can have a look at them too, Here.

So what's this got to do with Mysticism or Skepticism?

I will talk about the Howling of the wolves at the moon. If I were one, I'd do that too ;) Just Kidding.

I always used to get intrigued by the howls of the dogs and wolves. The mourning sound and the united melody does not indicate death of someone, nor does it mean that the moon is their long lost lover and nor does it mean that they are going to turn into Werewolves! Ack!

So why do they howl at the moon - full or crescent?

Fact one, wolves howl more when there's no moon than when there's full moon - how so, it's dark and since we all know wolves live in a pack, losing either of the members is easy.
Howling is one way of communicating. 

Fact two, wolves howl to indicate they are lonely. That is to say that during the mating season, the Alpha has a claim on the female first, the rest of the pack follows to find their own mates, it may so happen that one or two of them do not find partners - one way of grieving. Fair enough.

Fact three, they howl when they hunt and get excited.

Fact four, to call upon the members, one of them howls, a sign to form the group.

Wow. Now I will never think that there is any mystery in the howling of the wolves. But yes, what still intrigues me is that they live in a pack, and mostly sing in unison. Their music is known to haunt the souls of the grieving, and if you are sad, and hear them howl, I can bet, it would give you jitters. Nonetheless, I love wolves.
Courtesy: National Geographic Magazine
Till the next time, let the music of the wild take us back to where we belong. Blessed be!

5 Apr 2011

I am such a Sinner baby!

Blessed Be!

Today I thought I would write on anger. But as I was browsing for some matter regarding the book I am writing and needed to know something - I suddenly toppled over the list of "Seven Deadly Sins" and that got me thinking. I mean, looking at the list, I am sure that I am doomed. I have committed at least 5 of them - save lust maybe - but errr....does drooling over Ranvir Singh count? Then may be I am done. You may see me as a dead walker. :P 

Since I came across the list, I quickly used our superhuman search engine <aka Google Images> and got some pretty awesome pictures to accompany with the sins. 

What can I do? I am just a lowly mortal. Beauty attracts me. Heh. Here you go. More about the sins after the pictures. 

*Disclaimer: All the pictures rightfully belong to their owners and Google of course. I have put them here for entertainment and do not intend any copyright infringements. Owners - chill. You guys are awesome. 

Sin number 1: Lust
Look at that. I am SO doomed.

Okay, I am not trying to hurt any religious sentiments here. I love all the religions and hold equal respect for everyone - so please, do not tell me that my words are Blasphemous. 
So, well, Lust. We all know what that is. And initially, it was not that word - Luxuria was the word that was used, someone who tends to splurge. So, that dooms all the women, eh? ;)

Sin number 2: Gluttony
Ungh, I have been there, done that :|
We all know what being a glutton is. And all the foodies out there, we guys are dead. Heh. Okay, so eating more than your body needs or wasting that you have is considered as sin. Why? Because according to Christian belief, eating or desiring more than you need is withdrawing from the needy. True. 

Sin number 3: Greed (Avarice)
Diamonds? Nah!

So, Greed or Avarice is our third deadly sin. In Latin, Avaritia is the term for Greed, covetousness or avarice. According to Rev. St. Thomas Aquinas - Greed was a sin against God as mortals pay more homage to temporal gains than to the wordings of the God.    Avarice is a wider term and means acquiring material wealth through violence like theft, robbery, hoarding etc.  Well, I am not that greedy but I guess this dooms ALL the politicians of our country. Cool!

Sin number 4: Sloth (Laziness) 

This sin does not mean being lazy in the literal sense of the word. It technically means not utilizing the talents and gifts one have. Is sleeping a talent? :|

Sin number 5: Wrath (Anger)

My BIGGEST sin. Wrath or anger is called "Ira" in Latin and is considered as inordinate or uncontrolled feelings of hatred or anger. And interesting find - Wrath is the only sin which is not linked with selfishness. Wow. True that. I am doomed again.

Sin number 6: Envy

Ah! The Green Eyed Monster. Well, those who are in a relationship, those who think they are not as good as someone - well, we all know the feeling. I am jealous of all the women who are thin and fit. I am trying. I'll be there soon. ;) :D

And finally Sin number 7: Vanity (Pride)

In Latin it means, unjustified boasting - Vanagloria. Well, models and fashionistas, there you go! Sorry, but vanity doesn't mean pride only, it also has strong inclination towards Narcissist undertones. So, well, if mirror is your best friend, you are so knocking at the doors of Hell. 

I loved these. Err, not the sins, but the way history and folklore talks about them. Anger was my topic for today. I have been a sinner. Well, anger management is something I never learn. I usually do not get angry as I vent out my feelings when I write or paint. But sometimes, when it is unwarranted and I am not prepared for it, a weird adrenaline rush picks up in my blood. You know, it's like what or who can I trash.

What do I do? I grit my teeth and purse my lips. I always end up crying if I try to shout. So, this is how I control my anger. Since, I do not have many words to put down regarding this - 
I'd like to know what do you guys do when you are angry.

Till then all my mortal and immortal fellas, breathe in and breathe out, it WORKS! Blessed Be! :)
PS: Something's seriously wrong with the size of the Font I am using, please bear with me, Patience is a Virtue :P :D

4 Apr 2011

Heat my Dreams!

Hello and Blessed be everyone!

I sincerely apologize for being MIA for so long! I have been working on few pieces and well, reading a lot. Let's start afresh now. I thought I would write something intriguing and bold today. Being a law student, sometimes 'reading' stuff gets too high and dry <Emphasis on 'dry'> ;) and therefore, I deviate from reading the usual genre of books that I like. Currently I am reading two things at a time: 1) Jeffrey Archer's False Impression and 2) Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid Succubus Series. Both of them are delightfully enrapturing and it is hard to put them down.

Amazing Plot, Fast Paced and an unexpected End - A MUST read.
Writing and reading, both have been my soul mates :P and a vent out since 6th Grade. Okay, vent-out was not back then, but now surely it is ;) I LOVE writing and so do all of you :D who stumble upon blogs to get an interesting read. Unfortunately the Supernatural and Mystical stuff that I've come across off late doesn't seem to be, well - public - post-ish enough.  That is to say, I'd feel that I'd be censored ;) I will drop you a hint.

It is related to Vampires.

Ack! Okay Okay, do NOT cringe in agony. I said 'related to'.

I'll break the suspense, if you have still not guessed from the books I've referred to above, and dive into the murky waters. Since, most of my readers would know that all my inspirations - most of them are from the stuff I read, this one's not different - actually it is.

Who'd have thought people would get over the Vampires (Thank God!)

I thought of dedicating this blog post to Georgina Kincaid - The Succubus Series. I absolutely love these books and No, Not because there are explicit scenes or anything like that. I am not a pro in the matters of romance and I HATE cheesy love making scenes the chick lits have.

But these Series, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not your average sleaze lit. It is intelligently written, with the protagonist so strong, you instantly dive in and out along with her. And the steam is controlled, very similar to the way most male authors write.

A MUST read - especially for all the women.
Men too, if they like to see women impersonating dominatrix. 

After saying that, I'll pursue my most usual way of dedication - by writing :). I will tell you all about this popular Demoness of the medieval era - the Succubus (pl. Succubi). In the folklore, it's believe that two demons of this category exist - Incubus and Succubus.

Incubus (As Google provides)
And the 'Lovely' <Brrr> Succubus
Note: They are Demons - the Creatures of Hell, yes, of course.
Richelle Mead however, beautifully portrays the Succubus Georgina - A Three to Four Centuries Old Succubus, who  was a human before (!) and because she cheats on her husband - chooses to become a demoness to save him from death. The Series are action packed with the Catty Georgina not sparing anyone from her sharp tongue and brains. Amazing and Refreshing - so different from the pining women.

Getting back to the topic - Succubus are said to transform into beautiful women (read Shape-shifting) and seduce men in their dreams. The seed released by the men during their sleep is then collected by the Succubus and handed over to the Incubus who impregnates women in their sleep. Horrifying!

Anyway, the old tales say that to hide the illicit relations with men and illegitimate pregnancy, the concept of Incubus developed and helped the women to save themselves from the wrath of the society. Succubus and Incubus feed off the soul of the mortals they lay their hands upon (quite literally!) and sustain themselves. The concept of Vampires has originated from these ancient demons.

Cliche'd Anyone?
Georgina Kincaid however is a 28 year old woman with a class - she calls herself a 'Shameless Strumpet' if she thinks about 'doing it' with her mortal boyfriend - her favorite writer Seth Mortensen because she wants to save him from her soul-sucking thing. Intriguing, very intriguing is the fact how she handles all her emotions and being a creature from hell - still holds morals and principals (bah!).

She is beautiful - I think <Presenting - Georgina from Succubus Blues>
The Succubi have always frightened the communities across the world, more than our cliche'd Vampires. I wonder how. Well, because they kill. What's the point in being a demon if you do not have an action packed punch in you?

Saying that, I'd definitely recommend you these series, they are a good read. My Mysticism wants to believe that they must exist - it would answer what men fantasize of - only if they are not dead :| Being a Skeptical, I read these series and was very impressed - it seemed like a detective novel. Sorry, couldn't find another analogy.

Do let me know if you want me to write on anything specific, please. I promise, it'll show up in my next post. Till then, my beautiful and handsome people - watch what and who you dream of! Blessed Be!