18 Mar 2011

19 March 2011: A Celestial Sight

Blessed Be Everyone!

This 19th March 2011, i.e. Saturday, Moon would be closest to the Earth and this phenomenon is called "Lunar Perigee" or as popularly used in astrology "Super Moon". Those who can see this celestial treat, please do not miss it. This Lunar Phase happens ONCE in 19 years. 

Why am I so interested in it? Well, for the first, I love moon. And Second, it's scary about what people are talking about relating to this Lunar Perigee. They say that this Super Moon is going to cause destruction across the Earth. Given any other moment, I'd have brushed off this information as dirt. But my Skepticism has kicked in and I want to know All about it. So here's what my logic tells me:
  1. Since the moon is closest to earth, it is likely to raise the height of tidal waves across the water bodies;
  2. Very much likely that tsunamis and floods may occur;
  3. Earthquakes? Science says that unless the disaster happens on the very same day of the occurring of the Super Moon, it cannot be  blamed;
  4. Mostly these disasters are scattered all across the calender, so why are we hell bent on associating every disaster with Super Moon? 
We all know that the gravitational pull of the moon increases when it is fully illuminated (that is Full Moon for us) causing disturbances, this is also similar in concept to Super Moon, which will start waning from 20th, so does that mean that disasters will stop?

Perigee (356700 kms) - Apogee (406300 kms)

Believing something is not wrong and Super Moon plays a very important role in Astrology and such sciences, but being scared of it, creating panic and havoc across the world, when a piece of it (Read Japan) is already in trouble is not so cool. 

I want all my Open Minded Curious and Lovely readers to watch this moon and remember this sight for the next 19 years (Unless you believe that the world is going to end in 2012 :| ), it is going to be unforgettable. I am going to definitely watch it.

Till then, let us breathe and live every moment that has been given to us, with Love, Light and Harmony. 


Bhargavi Kashyap said...

You got me excited about it, i googled everything possible :D
i am so looking forward to tomorrow =)
You know,many things like Gravitational force, interaction of magnetic fields can be blamed for natural disasters (i wish none happens tomorrow, i can't see chanda mama being blamed for anything =/)..but the main reason for such disasters are US..had we not messed up with mother nature..she wouldn't have been so angry at us.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Dear Bhargavi :) I am really glad to have someone like you follow my blog, really :D
Yes, I could not have agreed more that we have harmed nature more than she could have tolerated. It pains me to see people disregard the beauty of the night, the pinch of heat, the smell of green earth and water, as they carry on their pursuit of happiness ignoring real happiness (SORRY, Got a bit carried away there :P )
So, Yea, the moon concept, I do not want to accuse our beloved Chanda Mama either, but we always love to blame others for our mistakes :( Sad, but true. Thanks! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I wish people realize this before it's too late.

TheFasionGirl said...

Woww...this was really cool :) <3

Anoop said...

i knew abt this super moon thingy..n i was like..starin at the moon for minutes... on tat day..i dint feel anythin different from any other day... :|

mayb a telescopic view wud hav helped... :D ;)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheFashionGirl: Thanks! :) And Blessed Be!

@Anoop: Hahah, okay, it is funny because you will not notice the moon grow bigger, obviously :D. But, believe it was glowing more than it usually does - and this comes from someone who is a skeptic too - :D

May be a telescopic view would have helped :) ;) As you put. :P

Anoop said...

heheh... yea telescopic view wud hav helped... but hope i ll hav better luck next time.. after 19yrs?? :O :D

hey thanks for followin... :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: You are welcome :D

19 years? Yeah. :P