18 Mar 2011

19 March 2011: A Celestial Sight

Blessed Be Everyone!

This 19th March 2011, i.e. Saturday, Moon would be closest to the Earth and this phenomenon is called "Lunar Perigee" or as popularly used in astrology "Super Moon". Those who can see this celestial treat, please do not miss it. This Lunar Phase happens ONCE in 19 years. 

Why am I so interested in it? Well, for the first, I love moon. And Second, it's scary about what people are talking about relating to this Lunar Perigee. They say that this Super Moon is going to cause destruction across the Earth. Given any other moment, I'd have brushed off this information as dirt. But my Skepticism has kicked in and I want to know All about it. So here's what my logic tells me:
  1. Since the moon is closest to earth, it is likely to raise the height of tidal waves across the water bodies;
  2. Very much likely that tsunamis and floods may occur;
  3. Earthquakes? Science says that unless the disaster happens on the very same day of the occurring of the Super Moon, it cannot be  blamed;
  4. Mostly these disasters are scattered all across the calender, so why are we hell bent on associating every disaster with Super Moon? 
We all know that the gravitational pull of the moon increases when it is fully illuminated (that is Full Moon for us) causing disturbances, this is also similar in concept to Super Moon, which will start waning from 20th, so does that mean that disasters will stop?

Perigee (356700 kms) - Apogee (406300 kms)

Believing something is not wrong and Super Moon plays a very important role in Astrology and such sciences, but being scared of it, creating panic and havoc across the world, when a piece of it (Read Japan) is already in trouble is not so cool. 

I want all my Open Minded Curious and Lovely readers to watch this moon and remember this sight for the next 19 years (Unless you believe that the world is going to end in 2012 :| ), it is going to be unforgettable. I am going to definitely watch it.

Till then, let us breathe and live every moment that has been given to us, with Love, Light and Harmony. 

11 Mar 2011

What Makes Me Glow?

Blessed Be My Open Minded Friends!

I have been invisible for some time and I am so sorry about that. I was busy forming a Coven.

Ahem, before you think I am into Goth punk, I must warn you I was just kidding! Never mind that. I was reading these new series called The Immortals – Alyson Noel and I could not put the books down. They are a bit drab in the beginning through the first book called Evermore but later pick up their pace.  You can check out the awesome website Here.  

I was just going through few of my favorite books in my booklist (Currently I have just finished Harry Potter Series for the nth time) and decided to write on my current interest - Nature and elemental magic for today’s post.

Yes, you heard that right: Elemental Magic - A word I read somewhere (I don't know who has coined the term) seems to grip all my thoughts.

Now what is this mojo of Elemental Magic?

According to me, it's just the flow of energy possessed by five fixed elements around us - the basis for everything, every matter - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Spirit. Given a choice, I'd have added Night as well because well, as you already to know, I am biased - being the night lover. 

One of the most potent believers of the power of the nature have been the Indians who even today, worship the Peepal tree, banyan tree and even banana (thought it is not) tree on various occasions.

Even my most beloved Wicca followers have the basis of their religion in the nature. They believe that everything originates from the nature and goes back to it. We are a mere drop in the massive expanse of nature. Not sounding like any hokey professor, I would like to elaborate on this more.

The term ‘magic’ here should not be confused with the tricks or tantrums done with the usage of crystals, gemstones and whatnot (Believers, forgive me. The honest ones are really less in number).  

Elemental magic focuses on channeling the energy possessed by these elements and direct them towards the focused goal. Simply put, since we all are made of energy accompanied with the electric field surrounding our bodies, we can use the energy to set things right, physically and well, mentally.

I will back up my theory here with an example. I do not know how many have you felt it, but if you are super anxious, sad angry, disgusted, frustrated and all that which boggles your mind, try walking in a place filled with trees, greenery to say, or I mean, if you do not have anything of this sort, just try going to terrace from where you can see the sprawling sky – the never ending stretch of blue. For me, this immediately soothes my frazzled mind.

So, why do I insist on talking about this topic? Being a skeptic, I want to know how many of you actually believe that elements can be controlled. Sometimes I question when earthquakes happen, when weather patterns change, when rains happen in mid summer and when sun bores through in mid winters. Is it not because of the acts we have done, we – humans, have exploited the nature and now that its patience level has been dented, it is giving it back to us three fold, whatever we have done.

Elemental magic or just the elemental science or whatever you would like to call it, is a practice which one can undertake to bestow back on nature what it has given to us – the good things – the air, the water, the earth and other things. It can be done anywhere, preferably in a meadow surrounded by trees, where you can sit and quietly take in the essence of what surrounds you. The ENERGY that is. We all possess it. We are made of it. So, all we do through elemental magic is to use this energy for the well - being of all. This post will be of help to those people who have oodles of anxiety out bursts and do not know their way out.

It works! Just try doing it once. And mind you, one does not have to be a nature lover to appreciate mystical things in life. Questioning the power of nature is beyond my realm and there this Mystic Skeptic chooses to be a Mystic when it comes to elemental magic.

I’d love to hear from you if you have had any experience that made you feel that nature is so powerful and so overwhelming that it humbled you. I’d like to know all about it.

Till the next time, let’s go for a walk into the woods, when Night meets Earth meets Air meets Spirit. Fire meets Water and the Hearts beat together. Blessed Be!

 So, what makes me glow? ;)

8 Mar 2011

Stylish Blogger Award.

My First EVER Award! Thank you Bhargavi Kashyap of Ink Imprints. It would be an understatement to say that I expected it. So much for being a mystic skeptic. :) The "Baton" is now in my hands as my friend above puts it. :D Somethings I would like to share before I finish here:

1. I love star - gazing.
2. I like talking - A LOT.
3. I can get high on 3 or 4 strong coffees.
4. I love NIGHT.
5. I am a NIGHT person.
6. I love the color black.
7. Seven is my Lucky number.
8. I am NOT emo, goth, misunderstood, depressed or any of the likes.
9. All the contents of this blog are mostly related to the truth.
10. I think too much.

7 Mar 2011

A Father-Daughter Story

   She looks at her father who is busy typing away on his laptop for three hours now as she plays with her Barbie Doll. She glances at him once again and thinks just how can she go and talk to him. Not that her father would not listen to her, but most of the things she tells him are 'nonsense', 'gibberish' and 'unintelligible'. She knows that her father is angry but does not understand what has she done to make him so. She wants to tell him that her questions are BIG for her, that she stays up all night thinking about the answers as she curls up feeling cold. But this would only make her father angrier. 

She thinks about last week when she had asked him -
"Daddy, why does Mummy come to see me only on weekends? Doesn't she miss me? Doesn't she love me?" 
She recalls frightfully her father's face contorting with some hidden rage -
"Thank your stars that she even visits you. If not for the Court orders, I would not have allowed her anywhere near you. Now get lost and stop bothering me. I am working." 

She cried that night thinking about her mother - about the times when they were together - when they would go out for picnics, visit her school for PTMs, but then things changed. She used to hear her parents shout at each other, yell and break things. She used to cower under her blanket fearing to leave her room. 

Today she was planning to ask her father what would he like for his birthday which would be tomorrow. She was worried she had not done enough to make him happy and so, she wanted to gift him something from the money she had saved in her Piggy-Bank. But seeing her father immersed in work deflated her courage. She quietly waited for her Nanny to come and went with her to buy a greeting card for him. She loved him no matter how he treated her. She knew he loved her too, but knew he feels lonely and she angers him. 

That night after dinner, she went to her room and decided to write a note inside the card. The note said - 

"Dearest Daddy,
Happy Birthday! You are the best Daddy in the world. God made me very lucky to send you in my life. I know you are angry because Mummy left us. I also know that you both fought because of me Daddy and I am really sorry. Daddy, I love you and I feel sad that you are unhappy because you have to look after me. So Daddy, on this birthday, I hope all your wishes come true. I promise not to bother you anymore and I am ready to go to Boarding school. Daddy, I cannot see you sad and I am sorry for hurting you. May your wishes come true. With lots of love - Happy Birthday.
Your Daughter"

She re-reads her letter and decides to wish her father at 12 midnight. She quietly comes out of her room, with the card hiding behind her back. Her father is still working on his laptop. 
"Papa?" she cooes. Her father does not respond. She tries again, a little more loudly, "Papa, I have to give you something." Her father 'tch'-es at her. She moves towards her father, placing her tiny hand on his arm, "Papa, please listen to me."


He shouts at her as she yelps and starts crying - card slipping away from her hand. She looks at her father scared and runs to her room to avoid a slap from him. After an hour of sobbing breathlessly, she sleeps - her eyes puffed and her body curled. 

In the other room, her father listens to her sobs but he has an important document to finish. He does not want his Boss to insult him again. He finishes his work at around 3 in the morning. His chair screeches as he gets up.  He turns towards his room, when he steps on a paper. He looks down to see, it is a Greeting Card with curly handwriting crawling on it. He picks it up to find that it is from his daughter. 

He starts reading the note inside it - At first he feels a jab of anger but then with every line that he reads, he realizes how much love deprived his 7 year old daughter is. By the time he reaches the last line, tears are rolling down from his eyes as he sits on the floor for support. He recalls the moment when he fought with his wife for her custody, screaming before the Court to prove that he'd be the best guardian for his daughter - that he loves her and would never let her feel the need for any other parent. That her mother was incapable because she was not a good mother - that she was busy with her work always. He recalls the time when he kept a Nanny for her, no longer having time to look after her. He recalls the time when he has screamed at her, raised his hands just to shoo her away. 

Guilt cuts his heart as he realizes what a monster he has been towards his only child. What a worse man he has been! His heart starts beating faster as he gets up to go towards his daughter's room - afraid to face her, even though he knows she'd be asleep. He opens the door slowly, his heart threatening to burst out of his chest. He feels a new pang of pain and guilt when he looks at his daughter. Her face is streaked with dried up tears and her eyes are puffed up. She is curled in on herself - shivering ever so slightly. He cannot stop himself from sobbing. He feels like even death punishment would not be enough for him - placing his daughter in such a mess. He sits on the edge of her bed and picks her up. She flinches as he hugs her to his chest, suddenly crying. 

"I am sorry. I am so sorry my baby! Oh God! Please forgive me." He cries as he wipes her face. She wakes up in his arms - "Daddy? What happened Daddy? Why are you crying? It is your Birthday! You should be happy." She hugs him and wipes his tears. 

"I am Happy my dear, I am happy now." he says, as he promises to himself that he'd never let her cry again. From that day, she started believing that her Daddy was the world's best Daddy.
Love sometimes comes in such forms, we do not recognize. Sometimes it is so oppressive, so claustrophobic, that one forgets what did they love in the first place. Expression of feelings does not have to be elaborate always - a mere hug, a pat on the back and a smile of appreciation is all it takes. Let's love while we can - no matter whether no one loves us or not.