16 Feb 2011

I Love you enough to Let You Go

Hello and Love to All My Readers!

        Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there...all the love that I've to all of you. :) Yes, because Valentine's Day is not only for couples but for anyone who has been loved or has loved even for a second in their lives. I thought of writing on love today because I was watching all the couples around me getting emotional and declaring their heartfelt feelings to one another. So I thought why not write about it? And hence here I am, to write about "Soul mates". You'll not believe if I say that I believe in this theory - that there is someone for everyone out there - Cheers to that!

        I came across this insanely romantic topic when I was reading the Book Series called "The Night World" - by L.J.Smith. (Mind you, the Series are not Romantic in the true sense of the word and I hate MUSHY stuff - naturally I am hooked to these balanced books). She is an amazing writer and she made me reinforce my faith in the witches, vampires and werewolves. I am absolutely in love with the world she spins with her words. 

     So, as I was saying earlier - Soul mates - I got the idea from her 9 books in which she encapsulates the stories of very normal people who are humans (but called Vermin by the witches, vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves). These humans meet people from any of the above mentioned category through the series and eventually find their soul mate. Now what presicely do I think about this? As L.J. Smith says - every person goes through a torrent of emotions when they confront their soulmates. They all have different feelings - So your enemy can be your soulmate, for all you know. I believe in this one, because I have remotely experienced something of the sort...and I am not talking about love per se. Sometimes we meet someone, who happens to speak what we think or we meet someone, who is exactly opposite to what we should be attracted to - but we end up falling head over heels for that person - and even now I am not talking about the conventional 'mills & boons' type of romance. 

          Soul mate is therefore, a person - whom you might have never seen or for that matter spoken to - but is someone whom - sorry to use cliche's - our subconcious mind recognizes. Okay, in simple words, you instantly feel a connection, and I am not kidding, it does happen! That person can be your Best Friend, Boy friend, Girl friend, Teacher or any random person you must have met in a coffee shop :) :D

I love coffee <3
       Soul mates can cross your path when you least expect them to do so. Your eyes connect and you feel yourself smile at them and that warm fuzzy feeling lingers whole day. There can be more than one soul mate and what I personally feel is that soul mates are people specifically made to be around us to make us feel special in some or the other way. I am literally interpreting the word 'mate' here as a 'friend' or an 'accomplice' so, I am referring to soul mate as any of those. However, it is very rare to find one and one may never know when was the chance and how did they miss it. It would just be a strand of thought or a meagre memory of a person you saw somewhere, met somewhere or spoke to - wishing if you could be with him/her again. 

      This Valentine's season, I wish and hope that atleast a few of you will find your true soulmates. And if you do, believe me, you will see it in their eyes - there would be no lingering doubts, no fear of the world - and they will be yours. Falling in love and talking about it - it is not cheesy, stupid or girly for that matter. I did say before that I do not like 'mush' but I am definitely not against love. Many people are afraid of getting attached, of accepting the truth that they love someone. The reasons could be as stupid as - "I like her, but she is not my type" or even "Well, he does not suit my personality", but when we love, we know we do. Therefore, if you feel you have found the one - she/he does not give negative vibes, appreciates little things about you, does small things to see you smile et cetera, do not let go and it does not matter, whether they love you back or not - if you truly love them, you would accept them in your life, as they are - minus the trivial expectations!

        Till the next time I see you all again, believe in the power of love - not what you see, but what you feel within. Blessed Be!


A Lot Like Fashion said...

I LOVED this post! For the obvious reason and more importantly, coz of your balanced way of looking at love and other such emotions!
Btw, my valentines post is also up :P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

A Lot Like Fashion - Loved Your Post and hence, thought of love and the likes :D :) I am glad that you like this post and I am sure you've found your soul mate <3
:* :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

"Soul mate is therefore, a person - whom you might have never seen or for that matter spoken to - but is someone whom - sorry to use cliche's - our subconcious mind recognizes." sounds like one Webster's definition :D
Any who,i loved the post & The Night World seems intriguing, would get hold of it soonly :)

Love & Care :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Bhargavi: Blessed Be! :) Yeah, I know - Websterish definition - but you know they wouldn't apologize for using cliche's - Would they? Oh, do read Night World! It's definitely gonna make you smile. Thank You! I am following you too :D

Chandana said...

This is so true... :) and its happened with me too. 'I've found my soulmate' - it feels silly sometimes to hear these words come from my mouth, but... its a fact..

It doesn't mean that you are meant to be together for the rest of ur life... it could be just for that one single moment that you meet. But doesn't change the fact that u r soulmates :)

Nice read!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Chandana: I know. :) I mean it's like a spark in a moment - it's like time stops, everything around you ceases when you see your soulmate. :D I haven't found mine yet, but who's complaining :D

Thank you for reading! Blessed Be! :)

Confused Soul said...

MSM I have a strange feeling that apart from my AM i have a soul mate...in a friend.. I keep thinking about him, bcoz well we aint friends anymore.. and though people ask me to let go, I don't want to do it. I have this hope or feeling that well things are gonna be fine someday and he's gonna be back...tll then I'll just wait..

I love your posts...they always make me wonder...ur amazing MSM :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Confused Soul: Ohhh...that could have been my story...and in my case...we almost became enemies...too many extreme emotions... I know he will not come back...I don't want him to...in my life. We let go. The title...is that :D :D Ans yes...it's not necessarily lover...it could be anyone...and I understand what you say when you say... *hugs* :D

Thank you Sweetheart... :D :D Awww.... I am blushing! :D :D

Krsta said...

This was so lovely, I would totally refute the point where you say 'I cannot write romance' because trust me, romance is not just the "conventional mills and boons romance" this post was something which can easily make someone smile :)
P.S.While reading about soul mates I could not help but remember you! :)