18 Feb 2011

Sleepy Thoughts!

Blessed Be Everyone!

        I had a super-tiring day and now I am off to retire...to the comforts of my cozy bed and dreamy sleep. However, as I have mentioned in my previous post Wanderings that most of my thoughts are free flowing during the night hour (me being a die-hard night person) - I had to scribble something before I gave in to the urge of closing my eyes and becoming oblivious to everything around me. Hence, here I am with a piece I wrote a few weeks back when I was reading the House of Night Series - P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast and felt myself become the part of Zoey Redbird's world. I hope you enjoy this. Here you go:

Stepping on the stones, crossing the bridge,
Rain drops splash on my face, I hold them in my embrace,
Breathing in the green air, this earth calls me to her,
I look up into the sky, he opens his arms wide,
The stars scattered on his black robe, sparkle with surprise,
Laughing along with me, are the soft ferns, my feelings arise,
I am the daughter of the night, she accepts me in her bossom, with delight,
A moth flutters past my ears, a bee hums my favorite tune,
Jasmine spreads its fragrant petals, and my world fills with beautiful recitals,
The burning in my heart ceases, mother nature takes me in, for me her hand reaches,
Ancient needs of my humanity resurface, for the child cannot survive without his mother, I accept her bounty with grace,
To resurrect one's true insides, roots do call, everthing aside,
I relish this moment of pure bliss, I am purified, with a gentle kiss,
Of her, Of his, I am theirs, Daughter of the air, taking away my despair,
I heal my bleeding soul, in the lap of nature I lie,
How ever hard may a mortal try, the magic of this nature,
Fails to die...

Goodnight everyone then...let the magic of night enwrap you in its charm - and may you all wake up to the new shining dawn...Blessed Be!

16 Feb 2011

I Love you enough to Let You Go

Hello and Love to All My Readers!

        Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there...all the love that I've to all of you. :) Yes, because Valentine's Day is not only for couples but for anyone who has been loved or has loved even for a second in their lives. I thought of writing on love today because I was watching all the couples around me getting emotional and declaring their heartfelt feelings to one another. So I thought why not write about it? And hence here I am, to write about "Soul mates". You'll not believe if I say that I believe in this theory - that there is someone for everyone out there - Cheers to that!

        I came across this insanely romantic topic when I was reading the Book Series called "The Night World" - by L.J.Smith. (Mind you, the Series are not Romantic in the true sense of the word and I hate MUSHY stuff - naturally I am hooked to these balanced books). She is an amazing writer and she made me reinforce my faith in the witches, vampires and werewolves. I am absolutely in love with the world she spins with her words. 

     So, as I was saying earlier - Soul mates - I got the idea from her 9 books in which she encapsulates the stories of very normal people who are humans (but called Vermin by the witches, vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves). These humans meet people from any of the above mentioned category through the series and eventually find their soul mate. Now what presicely do I think about this? As L.J. Smith says - every person goes through a torrent of emotions when they confront their soulmates. They all have different feelings - So your enemy can be your soulmate, for all you know. I believe in this one, because I have remotely experienced something of the sort...and I am not talking about love per se. Sometimes we meet someone, who happens to speak what we think or we meet someone, who is exactly opposite to what we should be attracted to - but we end up falling head over heels for that person - and even now I am not talking about the conventional 'mills & boons' type of romance. 

          Soul mate is therefore, a person - whom you might have never seen or for that matter spoken to - but is someone whom - sorry to use cliche's - our subconcious mind recognizes. Okay, in simple words, you instantly feel a connection, and I am not kidding, it does happen! That person can be your Best Friend, Boy friend, Girl friend, Teacher or any random person you must have met in a coffee shop :) :D

I love coffee <3
       Soul mates can cross your path when you least expect them to do so. Your eyes connect and you feel yourself smile at them and that warm fuzzy feeling lingers whole day. There can be more than one soul mate and what I personally feel is that soul mates are people specifically made to be around us to make us feel special in some or the other way. I am literally interpreting the word 'mate' here as a 'friend' or an 'accomplice' so, I am referring to soul mate as any of those. However, it is very rare to find one and one may never know when was the chance and how did they miss it. It would just be a strand of thought or a meagre memory of a person you saw somewhere, met somewhere or spoke to - wishing if you could be with him/her again. 

      This Valentine's season, I wish and hope that atleast a few of you will find your true soulmates. And if you do, believe me, you will see it in their eyes - there would be no lingering doubts, no fear of the world - and they will be yours. Falling in love and talking about it - it is not cheesy, stupid or girly for that matter. I did say before that I do not like 'mush' but I am definitely not against love. Many people are afraid of getting attached, of accepting the truth that they love someone. The reasons could be as stupid as - "I like her, but she is not my type" or even "Well, he does not suit my personality", but when we love, we know we do. Therefore, if you feel you have found the one - she/he does not give negative vibes, appreciates little things about you, does small things to see you smile et cetera, do not let go and it does not matter, whether they love you back or not - if you truly love them, you would accept them in your life, as they are - minus the trivial expectations!

        Till the next time I see you all again, believe in the power of love - not what you see, but what you feel within. Blessed Be!

5 Feb 2011

Superstars of the Supernatural...

Masks have always intrigued me,  but not in a happy or cheerful manner.They scare me and yet they make me terribly curious. Reminds me of all the things that we cannot see in the dark.Yes. These tastefully and creatively done, pieces for wearing, used to scare me more than a skeleton or a woman in White Sari. I used to feel (and still sometimes feel when I look at those Venetian Masks used for Feng Shui) that these masks are saying something...that they have a life of their own...that they are a Medium for the wandering Spirits. 

When I was a young girl of 10, I remember being afraid of the dark like any other kid. But as I understood that darkness was not that bad, I started to realize something else....that there were things in darkness which I could not see, but were meant to frightening, meant to be stayed away from, thanks to the late night old horror shows. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Not so much, when you are scared. Spirits. Also known as Ātma in Hindi, they have been a much talked about entity when we talk about the Supernatural. So what are these? Are Spirits human, real or just some old stories that people love to talk about, to their friends, grandchildren or children for entertainment and intrigue? I am not sure, and that is why I decided I would find out about these beings. 

When we think about what Spirits are, usually a floating, white, wispy kind of an image comes to our minds. There is a difference between ghost and spirit, as the former supposedly has a concrete shape and is represented by a scary looking, monstrous being depending on the imagination of the people, whereas latter is usually determined by a quiet demeanor, lurking near the places where it lost its body. This is however, my own idea. Ruskin Bond, when he was a child, believed that he was visited by his Aunt (dead, of course) every night, to tuck him in the bed and put back covers on him, which he would have accidentally kicked away. He says… that he remembered kicking the covers and sleeping. And when he would wake up suddenly in the night, he would find him-self covered. This incident happened when he was staying with his father alone in a dak bunglow in Mussoorie, India (Old Circuit houses made in India forest areas for forest officers and hunters, during olden times).

Image Source

I read once in a report published online that the scientists have managed to establish that there are spirits in human body (well…who doubted that anyway? But since we are talking about skepticism, I think this is all right). They placed a fresh corpse in a glass casket immediately after the person died. After few seconds, I am not sure about the veracity of this report but still, the casket reportedly cracked and the weight of the body was reduced by 25 grams. Can science really do this? I do not have any idea. But I have one such personal experience that still gives me chills. They say that when a spirit enters a room, candles or any source of warmth extinguishes.

The air becomes chilly and a person can feel unease settling in the pit of the stomach. Well, this is true to some extent, but before that I must tell you a true story, my own story

My friends and I were flat-hunting a year and half ago. We had been roaming around the city whole day in one of my friend’s car which was driven by her driver who was well-versed with the language used in the city. It was around 6 pm in the evening and the horizon had started to turn pink and orange, casting long shadows on the road. We three were disappointed by then, as we could not find a single place. As we were passing through one of the posh areas of the locality, my friends noticed a board in front of an apartment saying, “Three Bedroom House available for rent, well furnished with all the amenities. To know more, contact the management.” We immediately were hopeful and stopped our car. We were escorted to the third or fourth floor, in a lift and the apartment was to our right as we emerged out of the lift. I was the last to come out as the lift doors slid close behind me. I saw a painting right across which otherwise should have looked beautiful but somehow made me really uncomfortable.
Image Source 

I shooed away the feeling, thinking, I was being paranoid. We enter the apartment. It was incredibly gorgeous. It looked like we had stepped into a film studio set. The living room had a beautiful chandelier and I was admiring it with awe. Towards my left were two bedrooms, an open kitchen which had a display of religious pictures with four Diyās burning cheerfully. Somehow, I was becoming more and more uncomfortable, but I kept ignoring the weird sensation, marking it as fatigue. I walked into one of the bedrooms which were huge. It had six floor-to-ceiling cupboards and to the rightmost corner of the cupboard was a tiny space enclosing a window, and a big bathroom to the opposite. My friends were in the living room and had already looked into the rooms, while I was lingering behind. Before leaving, I peeped into the bathroom to see an expensive looking shower and well, a thought struck me at that moment, why were they selling this house so cheap? It was worth 35 to 40 thousand per month and we were asked to pay only 16. And suddenly I went cold. Very very cold. I thought I would start crying. My head started reeling as I swiftly walked back towards the living room and gripped one of my friends’ hands and said to her, “I think there is something wrong with that room, please come with me.” She gave me a puzzled look but agreed to check it out. She did not find anything weird but we started to imagine things, just for the heck of it, as we walked out of the apartment, asking our escort to wait for us, as we confirm whether we want the place or not. We sat in the car making up stories as to what if there was actually a ghost or something in the house? I continuously felt what if this all turned out to be true, but laughed along, in order to ease my nervousness and paranoia. As we picked up our other friends-flat mates to show them our discovery, I comfortably decided that I had just imagined things.

When we reach back to the apartments, we see the person who was showing us through, standing and talking heatedly to someone. Seeing all of us, he immediately became defensive and refused to let us back to the apartments. “Our landlord does not want to give the house to you girls. Please leave.” We glare at him first and then request him once more to let us see the apartments so that we can finalize. He refused us blatantly and was so harsh that we immediately backed up. The driver of our car asked us to sit back in the car, while he went on to talk with the guy. After and hour or so he emerges out and sits in the car with a grim expression on his face. All of us showered him with questions as he kept quiet. Finally, he gave me a look and started saying, “A girl was murdered in that house 6 months ago. She was killed by her drunken friends in a fight and was dumped in the bathroom. Since then, this house has been empty and that is the reason they were ready to sell it so cheap.” All of us were stunned. I was numb, scared about what I had felt back there. Was it all true? Had I experienced something which was hidden? Was the spirit of the girl lurking when I was alone there? Till date, I shudder at the thought.

I don't know. And I sure as hell, do not want to find out.

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