31 Jan 2011


Blessed Be Everyone!

       It has been quite a long time that I've written something on my findings. So much for being a mystic skeptic. I apologize :) However, when I am not musing over the complicated mysteries of the Universe, I write. I write random things that flit through my mind, which then stick to my thoughts without letting me do anything else. Last night was one such night, when I came up with a piece before dozing off. I am putting it here. Being a night person that I am, my thoughts are free flowing at that time. So, here is what I came up with at 1 am in the morning rather. Take a look:

Sunshine, moonlight, frozen winds, the brazen heat, the crashing waves, 
I cross them all. I fight them all. To conquer my fears, to beat them all, 
I stand tall. The world spins around, closing in on me. I claw my way through, I duck my head, I save my heart, I hold my breath. 
The anger pulsates in my veins, a dangerous rythm as I dance my way through the jeering faces. I stifle the urge to scream, fear of being judged. I stifle the urge to cry, afraid to fall apart. Will anyone hold my hand? Will any hold me close? Will anyone tell me I am all right? My heart races, the fear pumps through as my life unfurls before my eyes.
I miss something, searching for it since eternity. 
Will I ever get it? The answer is at the end of infinity...
Tears fill my eyes as the pain in my heart blooms magnanimously, 
But is it what that makes me weak, is this what breaks the promises I made? Is my pain the culprit of the broken hearts scattered in my life?
I am skeptical, I am mystical, I am courage and I am strength, but I am afraid to crush my fears, for what I see, no one can come near.
I believe what I feel, I vow to what I see, 
The mysteries of the unseen grip me in their embrace...
As I fight tirelessly to end this race. 

Let me know what do you think about it. I usually do not follow any poetic scheme as it sort of disrupts my thought process. And of course, we should let people do what they feel free to do, should we not? Keep a look out for my other posts; I promise to keep up. Till then, let your mind and heart wander, without restricted by any superficial rules. You know best!


bigboy said...

it is an amazing piece and i believe you should do this more often...........i loved it.

A Lot Like Fashion said...

This should've been your introduction post! :) The poem is so you and complete poetic justice done! Can't wait to read more!:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Blessed Be!
@bigboy: Thank you for reading! :) I appreciate it.

@A Lot Like Fashion: Blessed be! I wait for your comments. :) Thank you for such inspiring words. Oh, and when I am not writing, I love to go through your blog. It's just refreshing. Keep it up! <3