5 Jan 2011

The Initiation

Blessed Be Everyone!

My purpose is to make sure that all of us are comfortable with what we like, feel and need to express. Hence, I welcome everyone who reads this blog with all the good thoughts, smiles and accolades for the same!  

This is my first attempt to write anything publicly ever. Though I've posted poems Here, this is an official one to express my opinions in a more organized manner. So, without anymore superfluous words, I'd invite you all to enter into my world, where magic exists along side logic and where eyes see more than what is normally accepted to be seen.

My first entry will start from tomorrow i.e. 6th January 2011 and I am looking forward to receive support from all you amazing people out there, interested in answers for the questions that need not  be expressed!


A Lot Like Fashion said...

Blessed be the blog. Like always, your words manage to retain my attention, which in my opinion is a bigger virtue than just grabbing attention.
Always and more <3

Pradeeta said...

Blessed Be A Lot Like Fashion. Thank you for your wise words! I am glad that my blog could receive your attention. I hope that people are able to contemplate their inner selves and what lies beyond, with my help. :)