31 Jan 2011


Blessed Be Everyone!

       It has been quite a long time that I've written something on my findings. So much for being a mystic skeptic. I apologize :) However, when I am not musing over the complicated mysteries of the Universe, I write. I write random things that flit through my mind, which then stick to my thoughts without letting me do anything else. Last night was one such night, when I came up with a piece before dozing off. I am putting it here. Being a night person that I am, my thoughts are free flowing at that time. So, here is what I came up with at 1 am in the morning rather. Take a look:

Sunshine, moonlight, frozen winds, the brazen heat, the crashing waves, 
I cross them all. I fight them all. To conquer my fears, to beat them all, 
I stand tall. The world spins around, closing in on me. I claw my way through, I duck my head, I save my heart, I hold my breath. 
The anger pulsates in my veins, a dangerous rythm as I dance my way through the jeering faces. I stifle the urge to scream, fear of being judged. I stifle the urge to cry, afraid to fall apart. Will anyone hold my hand? Will any hold me close? Will anyone tell me I am all right? My heart races, the fear pumps through as my life unfurls before my eyes.
I miss something, searching for it since eternity. 
Will I ever get it? The answer is at the end of infinity...
Tears fill my eyes as the pain in my heart blooms magnanimously, 
But is it what that makes me weak, is this what breaks the promises I made? Is my pain the culprit of the broken hearts scattered in my life?
I am skeptical, I am mystical, I am courage and I am strength, but I am afraid to crush my fears, for what I see, no one can come near.
I believe what I feel, I vow to what I see, 
The mysteries of the unseen grip me in their embrace...
As I fight tirelessly to end this race. 

Let me know what do you think about it. I usually do not follow any poetic scheme as it sort of disrupts my thought process. And of course, we should let people do what they feel free to do, should we not? Keep a look out for my other posts; I promise to keep up. Till then, let your mind and heart wander, without restricted by any superficial rules. You know best!

9 Jan 2011

Have I seen you before?!

Blessed Be Everyone!

Today, I am talking about a very very common phenomenon that has confused many into thinking that they are 'mediators', 'psychics' or in the extreme 'time travelers'. The purpose of today's post is to pick a very common occurrence that has been used as a basis for many movies, psychic shows and science fiction.

I must however, apologize for shattering the fairy tale dream, myself included in it, if people believed it was some Supernatural occurrence. Before I do that though, I must share an experience, which you all must have come across as well, at some point of time in your lives'. Here it goes: One night, few weeks back, I remember I was eating out with friends. Everyone was chatting casually when suddenly, there was this moment when I felt as though I have seen and heard a particular conversation before. Same topic, same expressions and even the same reaction what I thought it would be! I was zoned out for few milliseconds.

Yes I know, I had experienced what is popularly known as 'Deja Vu'. 

So, has this got anything to do with being a 'psychic' or with having 'precognitive abilities'? As much as I would have loved to believe that I have the ability to see the future and predict the same, this is untrue. Deja Vu has got nothing to do with magical or psychic powers. We may exclaim in a given situation, "Oh I have seen this before" and feel that we know what will happen in the  next few milliseconds, all of this stems down to a very basic effect known by the scientists as an anomaly of the brain i.e. misfired interpretations of the signals sent to the brain. We all know that the brain is like a large complex electronic circuit and in numerous situations, occurrence of Deja Vu is possible due to a minor deviation in the functioning of temporal lobe of the brain (responsible for memory skills and speech, to put in simple words) that may happen  due to stress, sleep deprivation, exhaustion etc Almost more than 77% of the people have experienced it once in their lifetimes. An interesting fact to be noted here is that most of such experiences have been identified by the youngsters from 15 to 25 years of age, especially when the brain is maturing and an individual gains more insights about life. 
The term 'Deja Vu' was coined by a French Psychic Researcher, `Emile Boirac', in his book called "The Future of Psychic Sciences" (L'Avenir des sciences psychiques). This condition has not been yet produced under laboratory settings, hence has been subject to speculations. Deja Vu can be literally translated as 'being recalled'. It is more of a 'feeling' that passes. It is like an elusive memory, that cannot be recalled because the situation has never happened in actuality. Many scientists and medical researchers believe that it is a symptom very minor epileptic syndrome. To explain it better, it is similar to experiencing the feeling of falling down in a pit before falling asleep or a sudden jerk in the body as one is about to sleep. It does not essentially mean that one is epileptic.  So, does this mean that psychics who claim to have been visited the past or the so-called time-travelers are all experiencing Deja Vu? I am not sure about this thought. However, as far as my knowledge goes, when Deja Vu takes place, one is not travelling in time or in a parallel universe while going through the 'feeling'. It all occurs due to neurological dis-functionality. 

Similarly, in Psychology, a term 'Jaimas Vu' is used, which means something that has 'never happened before'. It is like being in a situation that has never occurred before, but rationally, that person has been in the situation before. For instance: A person may forget how to make coffee momentarily though he might have done it thousands time before. There was a survey-research conducted in the International Conference on Memory, where 5 volunteers were asked to write the word "door" 30 times in 60 seconds. Many of them started to get confused after a point of time as to whether door was actually a word or not?

Another phenomenon is known as "Presque Vu" where a person forgets a word and feels that the word is at the 'tip of his tongue' but he cannot recall it, no matter what. Haven't we all gone through this many times? I remember a time when I actually forgot the word 'refrigerator'! I kept mumbling "frrr...frrr..." and eventually had to skip the entire sentence I was going to speak. Incredibly Embarrassing! 

As I conclude my post, after gaining new knowledge about this phenomenon, I cannot help but wonder about this feeling of , "Have I been here before?" I mean, this is so common, that even having the awareness about it, cannot cure it. So, is it actually a symptom of psychic ability, of the potential to travel time or is it merely a minor glitch in the brain? I leave it up to you, to decide. Till then, enjoy and look out for answers where you know, you can!

6 Jan 2011

Can't Read My Poker Face!

Blessed Be everyone!

Have you ever given thought to what it would be like to know a person just by looking at him or her? It would be so great to mould ourselves or rather mould the other one, as we see them.  I am sure, we all must have at some point of time. Most of the people agree that if they could have one Superpower, they would want to be a telepathic, followed by being invisible. I for one, want to be a healer. Anyway, more of that later. 

Talking about today's post. I decided to write about how Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs, Psychics and Astrologers seem to talk in an undaunted manner, picking on the weak points of the public in large and seem to work on them. How are they able to impress the masses? Well, the answer is quite simple. They read people. Not in a magical sort of a way, but in a very practical, psychological sort of manner. They project their voices and maintain brief eye-contacts with the public. In this post, I would be concentrating on a narrower area and talk about the techniques employed by Psychics as they deliver their predictions about a person, looking like these Mystical Beings from a Parallel Universe. Since, I am a Face-reader of sorts, I'd like to talk about this amazing technique I came across a few months back. Though one thumb rule, which I have learnt about this is that the more I use it for self-glorification, the more inaccurate my readings become. I do not predict future, I merely act as a port-key for people to connect with their inner-selves. Without sounding anymore like the so-called psychics about whom I'll talk later, I shall start my first post.

Most of us would have come across these shows on TV channels where a person spreads a set of Tarot Cards on the table and gives readings about 'what will happen next?' Also, as is popular in Western Culture (mostly derived from Indian sages, no offence intended) a female adorned with multi-colored gemstones and heavily darkened eyes, who would look at you in a queer way (excuse the pun) and say, "I can see something...there is a tall man blah blah, with whom you have some trouble." We all would have wondered, some in an awed way and others in a 'Oh-I-don't-believe-this' way, how do these people churn money out of our pockets not so discreetly? I am going to give answer to that as I am myself a Face-reader of sorts, though not like the ones with scary looking eyes and creepy 'I-know-about-your-past' looks. 

I started reading people when I was 13 and since then, I never looked back. I was happy living with the delusion that I have acquired some Superpower, as teenage are the days when we love to reanimate our fantasy world. Anyway, as I grew older, I started researching on various Sciences (read pseudo) and people who were followers of the same. I read on Astrology, Tarot Cards, Gemstones, Auras, Psychics, Healers etc. etc. and the hunger to know more kept increasing. One day, very recently that is, my mother came over to stay for few days with me. I was working with a firm at that time and was quite stressed at that point of time, which worried my mother. I came back at eight in the night that day, when my mother told me smiling, "I saw some prediction about you today (My Zodiac Sign, of course) on certain channel. It said that you need to be more positive and that you should stop being so worried about things. Tomorrow is going to be really good for you and you should wear the color Green..." I nodded in agreement at how true the prediction was. Then my mother asks, "You are Aquarius, aren't you?" I look at her surprised and say, "NO! I am a Taurean Mom! That day I realized that may be it is high time I question certain things that I've always believed in. I looked up on internet on techniques to predict and other such stuff. And then I came across a VERY interesting site which is run by a bunch of skeptics. You can check it out Here. Anyway, I felt that someone splashed cold water on me and I was out of my delusional world within moments. Here's to the concept of Cold-Reading. You can give it a try as well, though I myself do not employ any of the same, I'll tell you how to distinguish between a real deal and a fluke one, when someone next time tells you that they can see your future. 

Face-reading is not magic and it is easier if you belong to the 'observer' types. Psychological understanding of a person is also helpful, though one may tend to be prejudiced while reading someone they know. Not intending to generalize, I'll talk about the face-reading (including body-language reading) psychics, especially the commercial ones and the ones who host TV shows employ these techniques. 
  1. They will ask your birth date, day and time to ensure that you may think they are charting out your Natal-Chart (which is the chart representing position of planets when you were born). Then You have look out for this. They will make a very broad statement that will seem to make you feel that they know more about you than they actually do. For instance, the question posed could be like, "I can sense that you've been having quite a few problems with your peers, especially the ones with whom you spend more time with. Is that true?" It is obvious that all of us at some point of time may have had issues with our peers. These readers tap into the most common of the issues. If their question extracts a positive response from us, they would lead to more questions narrowing down at one point and then without realizing, we, the subjects that is, would open up and give answers to the questions ourselves. 
  2. Ever wondered why there are strange lights used while a person is being read, or some weird music that sounds ethereal? All of it to induce human mind into thinking there is 'something' out there! Accelerated heart beat, sweaty palms and other such physical factors take place as the adrenaline rushes in our blood when we feel that some one can see through us. The Key is to Look straight into the eye of the person who is reading you. How to counter this? Well, do not blink. Simple! Make sure you try and breathe easy and keep your mind open. I promise you, you cannot be fooled. It is very hard to read a person's body language if they are completely calm and poised. 
  3. Poker Face can be the best defense.Yes, you heard it right. Neutral expression can kick the so called reader in the shins. He or she will have more 'Misses' than 'Hits' (That is to say, broadest of the questions would fail). When someone stares at you, make sure you do not tense and do keep your face devoid of any expression. It will not only increase your confidence and make you look ready to take anything on, this may also help you in competitions where the opponents will be confused about whether you are nervous or not. 
  4. 90% of the Psychics use the Cold-reading techniques consciously and the other 10% are subconscious readers. The latter ones are harmless till they do not commercialize their 'talents'.
These are some popular methods you can use in case you are confronted by a Psychic, either by your family or anyone you know.

I personally do not question a person when I read them. I tell them this is not magic and I am just using psychology to read them. I also ensure that if I am unable to tell someone something about them, I am being honest about it. I usually think a lot when I sit down to read a person, recollecting how they behave, how their eyes function in a situation, their general nature. Now, I'll tell you about the real deal. Most people, if they are interested in such science...I call it a science because it involves quantum physics, meta physics, Psychology, Anthropology etc. they would not commercialize it. They would also be aware of the fact that making something appear larger than it actually is, does not take them anywhere. Such popularity is short-lived and hinders one's conscience. But, if you can employ these techniques in day to day life for some normal purpose, for instance, when you sit for an interview, or when you have to make a presentation, this would help you to understand the psyche of the people in front of you and you can be confident. 

There you go! I hope this post is informative and all the questions and queries are welcome. All the views expressed here are my personal opinion and I do not intend to question people who are genuinely interested in this (I am included in the lot as well). I will write more about such things next. Your suggestions about what you want to know more on a topic, are welcome. I can write more about this technique if you all want to know. Till then Blessed Be! my amazing people! Keep smiling and believing in things, but not blindly. See you tomorrow!

5 Jan 2011

The Initiation

Blessed Be Everyone!

My purpose is to make sure that all of us are comfortable with what we like, feel and need to express. Hence, I welcome everyone who reads this blog with all the good thoughts, smiles and accolades for the same!  

This is my first attempt to write anything publicly ever. Though I've posted poems Here, this is an official one to express my opinions in a more organized manner. So, without anymore superfluous words, I'd invite you all to enter into my world, where magic exists along side logic and where eyes see more than what is normally accepted to be seen.

My first entry will start from tomorrow i.e. 6th January 2011 and I am looking forward to receive support from all you amazing people out there, interested in answers for the questions that need not  be expressed!